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The 4 best human hair toupees for men with balding hair

The 4 best human hair toupees for men with balding hair

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jan 19, 2022

Human hair toupees are a great way to deal with thinning hair, bald spots or male pattern baldness in general. They not only give you a full head of beautiful hair again, but also help regain your youthful looks and confidence as well. With that said, you may be wondering what the best men’s hair systems are.

Here are the four best human hair toupees that we at Superhairpieces particularly recommend for any men looking to deal with their hair loss problems.


Thin Skin Hair Piece for Men

The M101 is one of our most popular hair systems for men. Among our thin skin hair systems, the M101 has a poly base thickness of 8 mils which makes it our thickest and most durable skin base available. This means that in addition to being decently natural looking, it is also a durable hairpiece that can last three to four months provided it is maintained and taken care of adequately.

It also comes in a base size of 8’’x10’’ that can be cut down to any size provided the front-to-back is at least 7.75". As far as hair density is concerned, this unit has 110% at the front and 100% throughout the rest of the base. Overall, it’s a great unit especially for hair system wearers who don’t want to spend too much time on maintenance. With the poly skin material, the M101 is easy to install, maintain and remove with cleaning being very straightforward. For a slightly more affordable version, you can also opt for the M101 Basic which is offered in a size of 7’’x9’’.


M108 CC Shape Wider Front Hairline Toupee

The M108 is a monofilament silk top that utilizes lace material and has 1.5" of poly coating on the sides with 2" on the back. The lace material provides a natural look throughout the base while the poly coating makes this human hair replacement system durable, easy to install, maintain and remove. The mono silk, meanwhile, provides comfortable wearing for this toupee which comes in a 8’’x10’’ size which can be cut down to 7’’x9’’ if desired. It also comes with a hair density of 120%.

Additionally, this unit has a large scallop front which is a zigzag-shaped outline which provides a more natural looking and realistic front hairline. They essentially prevent a straight linear hairline which can look unnatural and lead to unwanted questions about whether you're wearing a toupee hair system. It is only one of two hair systems offered at Superhairpieces which comes with this feature. It also utilizes a deep contour which is ideal for those with a round-shaped head. Learn more about contour guide.

Similar to the M101, the M108 also has a basic version in the M108 Basic which is more affordable and comes in a size of 7.5’’x9’’.


M105 French Lace Hair System

The M105 is one of our high quality full lace hair systems. It is an 8''x10'' toupee that can be cut down to any size provided the front-to-back is at least 7.75". It uses super soft French lace throughout the base. While French lace is not as natural looking as a Swiss lace, it is still extremely natural looking nonetheless, so you will have a realistic and undetectable head of hair with this unit. Additionally, French lace systems are usually more durable and less delicate than Swiss lace systems, with this unit being able to last a couple of months before it will need to be replaced.

It also has a light to medium density of 110% in the front with 100% in the rest of the unit. This extra 10% in the front is ideal if you want to create a modern, young hairstyle such as styling your hair system with spiky hair. If a natural look throughout your head is your main goal as well as the ability to experiment with different hairstyles, the M105 is the system for you.


M106 French Lace Toupee

The last non-surgical hair replacement for men we recommend is the M106 lace with poly base hair system. This is a smaller hair system that is sized at 6.5’’x8.5’’ which can be further cut down to 5.5’’x8’’ if preferred. Similar to the M105, this unit utilizes a super soft French lace. The difference, however, is that it also has 1’’ of poly painting which goes from temple to temple across the back of the scalp. This provides added durability to the French lace system and also makes it easier to install, maintain and remove compared to a regular full lace system.

Additionally, it has 110% hair density in the front with the rest of the unit having a hair density of 100%. If the size is a bit too small for you and you desire a larger base, you can also opt for the M106L which is an 8’’x10’’ version which can be cut down to 7’’x9’’.


These are just four of our best and most popular men’s toupees available at Superhairpieces. However, they won’t be a right fit for everyone as not everybody has the same budget, lifestyle or specific requirements. If you need help selecting one that’s right for you or you cannot find a color or base that is suitable for you, you can check out our first-time toupee wig buying guide or book an online consultation with one of our experts.


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