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Jewish Wig Sheitel Wig Kosher Wig

Injected silk top / French top base
Jewish Wig
Sheitel Wig
Kosher Wig

Modern Orthodox Jewish women are continuing the tradition of covering their hair with wigs after marriage. The wig they use is called a "sheitel" in Yiddish. Sheitel is a wig or half-wig. Today, many wigs used by Jewish women come with a hechsher (kosher certification). If you’re looking for Jewish wig or Sheitel wig, Superhairpieces specializes in sheitel wigs. We recommend Jewish Kosher wigs for women. We use Chinese hair from China that is commercially processed for color and texture. Our goal is to make it as natural and as similar to your hair as possible.


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Mono Silk Tops

French & Swiss Lace Wigs

Injected silk top

Injected silk uses mono silk and superfine mono silk, Injected silk top hair system is knotted through 2 layers of lace but uses three. The material on top is made with super fine silk that mimics the colour of the skin, the second layer is a mono lace (Due to its durability, it can hold a large amount of weight.) and the last layer contains another fine silk lace that will touch the scalp (this is the only place that touches the skin’s surface). This hair replacement system “Injected silk top” is very durable and can last you over a year due to the knots not being touched in any way.

French top hairpieces & Wigs

French Top is a great hair system for those who seek a good hairline and want the comfort, fit, and adhesion of a poly perimeter. French Lace is more durable and will hold up better over the long run.


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