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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Hair toppers are a great option for women with thinning hair as it instantly conceals and covers specific areas on the top of the scalp that are thinning or partially balding. Additionally, they provide plenty of volume and density to your natural hair provided it is blended properly.

  • Do hair toppers cause hair loss? Hair toppers should not have any effect on your hair loss by increasing or decreasing it.
  • Do hair toppers damage your hair? Provided they are installed, maintained and removed gently and with care, hair toppers will not damage your existing, natural hair.
  • Are hair toppers secure? If your hair topper is installed correctly with the right adhesive/attachment, you should not have any concerns about it not being secure and falling off.

With hair toppers in particular, it is best to choose a color that is closest to your natural hair color given that they only cover part of your hair. That said, there are bigger hair toppers that cover more of the scalp and in the end, it’s always down to one’s personal preference and how they would like their hair to look.

How to choose a hair color

Similar to a wig or toupee or hairpiece, you can use glue or tape to attach your hair topper on your hair loss area whether it is a thinning crown or the top of your head. Using either will allow the hair system to stay flat on your scalp compared to toppers that are attached with clips.

  • Do I use tape or glue to attach hair toppers? You can use either tape or glue to attach your hair topper depending on which type of adhesive is most comfortable on your scalp.
  • How do I attach a hair topper with clips? Simply open the clips, apply the hair topper on the area where you are thinning or balding and clip them on to your natural hair. Make sure the clips have silicon strips so they protect your hair and prevent potential slippage.
  • How do you secure a hair topper without clips? You can use glue or tape to attach your hair topper if you prefer not to use clips as they can be bulky if not attached or blended properly. If your hair topper comes with clips, you should be able to remove the clips without affecting the overall hairpiece.

Just like any other hair system, you should use a wig shampoo or wig conditioner or any other that is designed for hairpieces when washing your hair topper.

  1. First, brush the hair of your hair topper to make sure it is tangle-free and smooth.
  2. Rinse and then submerge the hair topper in a large bowl or sink with cold or lukewarm water mixed with wig shampoo. Leave it to soak for at least five minutes. Turn the base inside out and soak for another five minutes. You can also wash the hair topper without submerging it by simply rinsing and applying shampoo on it for five minutes.
  3. Drain the water and/or rinse the hair topper again before applying wig conditioner from the ends of the hair and work your way up. Make sure not to touch the base as it can be damaged. Leave the conditioner on the hair for five minutes.
  4. Rinse the hair topper with cold water and dry off with a towel. Leave to dry on a wig stand afterwards.

As far as caring and maintaining the hair topper is concerned, make sure to clean it at least every other week if not once a week. If you’re not using your hair topper, take it off and store it on a stand or mannequin, but make sure to avoid exposure to sunlight. Following these steps will help prolong your hair topper’s lifespan.

This depends on your needs and lifestyle. A hair topper is more suitable for you if you have thinning or balding hair only in certain areas such as the crown of the head or if you want to add more density and volume to your hair in general. They are more lightweight and affordable than wigs which are meant to cover the entire head as opposed to certain areas.

  • Are hair toppers more comfortable than wigs? Hair toppers are more comfortable than wigs simply because they only cover certain areas of the scalp compared to a wig which covers the full scalp. As a result, hair toppers are more lightweight and hence, more comfortable than wigs.

At Superhairpieces, you can find the highest quality and premium 100% Remy human hair toppers for women. We offer our human hair toppers in a range of different styles from short hair toppers to long hair toppers. We also offer different base materials with monofilament hair toppers, lace hair toppers and poly skin hair toppers as well as top pieces that use combinations of these base materials. You can also find the best clip-in hair toppers online at Superhairpieces while you can also attach clips to our hairpieces that come without them if that’s your preferred method of attachment.

You can certainly wear a human hair topper if you have short hair. At Superhairpieces, you can find short-length hair toppers with lengths as low as 6’’. However, provided your hair is thick enough, just about any women’s hair topper can be attached and worn to give you the extra volume and density you’re looking for.

Provided it matches your natural hair color and is blended and styled properly, a hair topper will not be noticeable on your scalp. Instead, it will look just like your real natural hair with nobody being able to detect that you’re wearing a top piece. However, making sure it blends properly is key which is why it is best to get it attached and styled at a salon or by a professional.

Hot ironing or using any heat styling tool on your human hair topper should be fine as it is virtually the same as using it on real human hair. Some caution is still advised as just like with natural human hair, too much heat can cause the hair to dry out, frizz and become damaged before eventually shedding. You can either look to use a lower heat setting or reduce the number of times you use heat styling products per week.

Even the slightest bit of hair loss can be extremely demotivating for any woman. Fortunately, there is now a viable solution that is not only natural-looking, but instant in the form of hair toppers for women. Whether you’re experiencing a small bald patch or have multiple thinning areas on your scalp/crown, our human hair toppers at Superhairpieces will not only conceal them and make them invisible, but also provide you with a full head of beautiful and voluminous hair! View our client's before and after photos with our Remy Human Hair Toppers!

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