Meet Rick

“Hair Systems gave me
my life back”

Who is Rick:

Rick is a master barber with hands that weave stories into every haircut and a heart that turns every encounter into a meaningful connection. For 46 years, he has been crafting the perfect cuts and is now a pioneer in the hair replacement sector, inspiring many to get off the bald highway and hop on to hair systems that can set your age backwards and regain your lost self-confidence. Through his skilful art, he doesn't just style hair; he transforms lives from roots up. But his talents don't end there!

As an author and speaker, Rick courageously tackles the deep-seated issues of ritual abuse, extending his hand to those in darkness with words of wisdom, creating pathways of hope and healing. Anchored by faith and driven by immense love - this small-town Texas native knows life's tempo doesn't always need rushing. Away from the buzz of clippers, you'll find him revving through life as a loving family man, whether indulging in two-wheeled therapy or soaking up the sun on sandy shores.

Get inspired by Rick

Get inspired by Rick

Rick is more than just a positive influence on others. He is a survivor's ally. A faithful soul. A devoted husband, father & grandfather and living proof that when you put love at the pivot point of your work & passions, magic happens both inside & outside the salon.

Rick with hair system

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Rick shows how to remove and reinstall a hair system

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