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Incredibly gorgeous hair never harmed anybody! At Superhairpieces, we encourage you to experiment with the way you showcase your hair. There is so much that hair extensions can do not only to camouflage your thinning hair but also to boost your confidence and self esteem.

Our high quality Remy hair extensions add volume, length, texture and even color/highlights to your natural hair. Besides being secure and almost invisible, our 100% remy human hair extensions blend seamlessly well with your natural hair. Choose between different types of hair extensions, hair quality grades, hair lengths, colors, and styles to add variety to your hairstyles and give you exclusive looks for different occasions. Our luxury hair extensions also include European hair texture for Caucasian people who prefer to add volume and length to their hair.

Add these hair extensions without the worry of damaging your scalp or natural hair. Our real hair extensions are suitable for all types of hair. They will transform your hair by making it longer, thicker and fuller. Hurry and buy the best hair extensions online at Superhairpieces! Apart from being one of the leading wholesale hair extension suppliers in the market, we also provide high quality products to salons, professionals, wholesale, and retail clients at the most affordable prices.

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Tape In Hair Extensions


Just stick and go! Adding instant volume & length to your hair just got easier

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    Clip In Hair Extensions


    When it comes to ease of self installation and removal, nothing can beat clip-in hair extensions

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      Nail Tip / U-Tip

      Nail Tip

      Lightweight, secure hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair

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        Stick Tip / I-Tip

        Stick Tip

        Get gorgeous hair in mintues with these adhesiveless & heatless natural hair extensions.

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          Hand Tied Weft Extensions

          Hand Tied Weft

          Handcrafted to perfection with a slim weft that is completely concealed within your own hair

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            Machine Weft Extensions

            Machine Weft

            Rock the voluminous hair look with our high density machine weft human hair extensions.

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              Frequently Asked Questions


              At Superhairpieces, we provide the best hair extensions according to your hair type and concern. Our range of human hair extensions include- Tape-In, Clip-In, Nail Tip (U-Tip, Hot Fusion or Keratin Bond), Stick Tip (I-Tip or Cold Fusion), Machine Weft, Hand Tied Weft, G-weft, Halo Hair Extensions, and Ombre.

              Hair extensions are one of the easiest and fastest ways of adding volume and thickness to one’s thinning hair. The best types of hair extensions for thin hair are Hand-tied weft extensions, G-Weft Hair Extensions, Clip-in extensions, and Tape-in extensions. They are lightweight and can be easily concealed within your hair.

              You absolutely can. You just have to make sure that your natural hair length is at least 4-5” long to help you conceal and blend the extensions into your hair. This length also allows for enough space at the roots for the extensions to be worn with a natural, tension-free feel.

              Different types of hair extensions have different lifespans. However, each of them depend on a person’s hair growth, quality of the extensions, and proper maintenance. Depending on the type of hair extensions you use, they can last between 3-6 months for a grade 3A & 4A quality and 6-12 months for hair blends of 5A & 6A quality.

              We usually recommend 100-150 grams for a full head installation. For our hair extensions that come in a 40/50/65 grams pack, you will need 2-3 packs for a full head look. For the 100 gram packs, we recommend about 1-2 packs to serve the purpose.

              If properly installed, maintained, removed and reused, hair extensions cause little to no damage. You must remember to use proper products for the care and maintenance of your hair extensions.

              At Superhairpieces, we provide a good variety of hair blends ranging from 3A-6A quality. Depending on the length, each type of hair extension comes in different grade qualities. Each of these hair extensions are made from 100% remy human hair for the ultimate ease and comfort of our customers. Depending on the color and grade of the hair, it may be Indian remy, Chinese remy, or a mix of both.

              Our high quality hair extensions are long-lasting and some of the best human hair extensions in the industry. However, maintaining and taking good care of them are key. You can do so by: Washing your hair extensions properly, not sleeping with wet or damp extensions, brushing regularly but gently, reducing heat exposure, and storing them correctly. Read more about how to make your hair extensions last longer?

              There are a number of reasons why this can happen - Not washing your own hair properly before installation, using the wrong type of hair extensions, color treating or washing your hair extensions the same day, and improper application/attachment. Read more Why do hair extensions fall out?

              Sleeping with hair extensions is perfectly fine. Most hair extensions are semi-permanent in nature so if they are attached properly, you do not need to worry about them slipping off. However, you must remember to never sleep while your hair extensions are wet. Always tie your hair into a braid as well as brush it before sleeping, and try to use a silk pillowcase for proper maintenance of your hair extensions.

              Yes, you can shower with your hair extensions on but keep in mind not to overwash them. Unlike our own hair, hair extensions don’t produce the natural oils needed to keep the hair strands hydrated so overwashing them, especially with cleansing or clarifying shampoo, can deteriorate their lifespan greatly and strip colors from the hair. Instead, look to wash your hair extensions just once a week at most. You can do more than that if you desire, but we recommend using only conditioner to keep your hair looking smooth and shiny. With that said, if you limit your use to just once a week, we recommend using a color care, sulfate & paraben-free shampoo and conditioner.

              If your hair extensions are made of human hair, like all our hairpieces at Superhairpieces, then you can dye your extensions with ease. You must keep in mind that it is a lot easier to color hair extensions before they’re fitted. Also, hair extensions process faster than natural hair so if you are planning on applying dye to your own hair at the same time as your hair extensions, this might not give you the result you desire.

              In general, the best practice is to not wear hair extensions that are significantly longer than your natural hair length. We would recommend a maximum of 3’’ to 4’’ inches more than your natural hair length, but it also depends on your personal preferences. In addition, we also recommend having your natural hair length be at least 4’’ to 5’’ inches long to help you conceal and blend the extensions into your hair.

              For example, if your natural hair length measures at 16’’, hair extensions that measure from 18 to 20’’ will be ideal. At Superhairpieces, we offer different types of hair extension lengths ranging from 14-24 inches.

              Choosing the correct color of your hair extensions is extremely crucial for creating a seamlessly blended look with your natural hair. Always color match from your mid length hair to the ends of your strands rather than from your roots, as this is where your hair might be the darkest since they show natural growth. For best results, always choose 100% human hair extensions.

              The average cost of good non-permanent hair extensions made from 100% remy human hair is between $100 - $350. They aren’t just long lasting and reusable but comfortable and affordable too.

              Hair extensions can make a significant difference to your natural hair by boosting volume, adding texture, thickness and length too. Seeing is believing -

              hair extensions before and after human hair extensions before and after clip in hair extensions before and after tape in hair extensions before and after
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