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Men’s Trending Hairstyles

Men’s Trending Hairstyles

Posted by Superhairpieces on Sep 14, 2020

The holidays are near and we all want to look our best! Some of you are already prepping yourself for a hairdo makeover for the new year. Well, whichever your hair goals are, you know that Superhairpieces has the hair system you need.

But what if your trying to achieve a certain type of hairstyle, which unit would work best?

Of course you know we got you covered in that department as well. We have found the top three hairstyles in short, medium, and long hair – & gathered the research to find which unit works best.

Now these hairstyles are just whats trending and will be the basis of what you are trying to achieve but of course there are many variations to this. It’s always best to speak with your stylist before committing to a new hairdo!

Short Hairstyle Cut



Short Hair

If you got short hair or prefer having short hair, this cut may be for you. With this hairstyle it allows any unit to be cut like this. It’s the safest cut as it covers the hairline. So whether you want thick hair or thin, this hairstyle will work well with any density and any base!



Medium Hair Cut
Medium Hair

Alright so what if short hair doesn’t cut it for you? Well that’s okay! Here’s another hairstyle that may work with any unit (medium length), but does work best with natural hairline systems such has lace fronts. However, this hairstyle makes it easy to create bangs to go over the hairline if front laces are not for you.

This hairstyle is a natural and free kind of style, so you’d want a unit that can move around. That’s why full lace systems are the best! However you still want that density & durability? Well that’s okay, mono-tops are known to provide the density & durability you need to get that volume.

Now the problem is sometimes you sacrifice durability for more natural looking hair systems or vice versa. So, which one is preference over the other to get this look? Well neither if you choose to get the M104 or M109. With its density and the lace front you can have the best of both worlds.

Long Hairstyle Cut
 Long Hair

Alright, so you got the long hair don’t care vibe?! No problem we have the unit made and designed for this hairstyle. Actually, this hairstyle has been trending for a while, and many don’t know which hair system would actually work best.

Well tell you right now, full lace systems like the M105 & M115 are the absolute best for this hairdo. The natural lace in the front makes it undetectable allowing you to brush back your hair on the system without even knowing you have a system on! Plus, the flexibility of the full lace can be cut down to any size, so if you have hair in the front already, you can just add your hair system behind it. If you have just a small portion of hair loss on top just cut down the system to fit that area.

There you have it! We gathered the best types of hair systems that will work to give you these trending hairstyles. If you want to see which hairstyle works best for your face shape, check out the chart below.

Men’s Trending Hairstyles

Don’t know which lace is best for you? Learn more about the different types of laces here

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