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Different Highlight Methods in Custom Orders

Different Highlight Methods in Custom Orders

Posted by Cindy E on Nov 01, 2023

Being a skilled stylist, it's truly impressive to witness the extent of creativity in demand for your expertise. Given the remarkable work we've observed in the industry, it's no surprise that an increasing number of clients are seeking personalized solutions.

With this in mind, we have resolved to create an article aimed at assisting you in crafting the finest hair systems for your clients through the strategic use of highlights. Custom orders prove to be an efficient means to achieve the exact results your clients desire without the laborious task of coloring the hair systems on your own. This approach delivers the desired outcomes and expedites the process, ensuring your clients receive their hair systems sooner, saving both time and effort.

Superhairpieces provides a variety of highlight techniques within our custom orders. These include striped, spotted, checkered, and ombre highlights. All of these options, with the exception of ombre, can be customized to suit your preferences regarding the size, placement, and color of the highlights. It's important to note that ombre highlights are unique in that they must adhere to the colors specified on the ombre color chart, and there is no option to use different colors outside of this predefined range.

Within this article, you will find images of customized orders featuring meticulously designed hair system highlights by talented stylists and a selection of items from our Allure collection. Each image will include this information in its description.


Let's begin by exploring Stripe highlights. When it comes to stripe highlights, you have the flexibility to incorporate as many different hair colors as your hair system can accommodate. Typically, the most popular choice involves using two colors in an alternating pattern, resulting in a harmonious blend of highlighted tones.

The width and thickness of stripe highlights can vary, with one stripe color usually starting at the base's edge and extending to the other side, forming a line across the hair system. An example can be seen on the customized hair system depicted in Figure 1. However, given your artistic freedom, you can opt for stripe highlights exclusively at the crown or front. Instead of spanning across the base from one side to the other, you can choose to have the stripe be 4 inches long, running from the front to the back of your hair system. The possibilities for creativity are abundant.

Figure 1 - custom


This highlighting technique is reminiscent of how stylists traditionally applied highlights using foils before the introduction of more contemporary methods like balayage and ombres. Such highlights were particularly popular during the 1980s, often referred to as "chunky highlights," as illustrated in Figure 2.

Figure 2

chunky highlights

Let's revisit the custom hair system photo (Figure 1). In this image, you can observe that the top of the hair system features alternating shades of dark blonde and light blonde. These strips are consistently sized, resulting in a well-balanced, symmetrical, highlighted appearance. The impact of the stripe highlights is quite evident, delivering a harmonious blend of different tones.

This style is excellent for individuals who appreciate distinct and pronounced highlights, particularly with a clean streak at the top of the scalp. Depending on the specific colors chosen, the overall effect can appear as though the hair is naturally highlighted.


Let's explore another highlighting technique that shares similarities with the stripe highlight method but introduces a unique checkered pattern with alternating colors. Figure 3 vividly illustrates this approach, showcasing the stylist's decision to place checkered highlights exclusively at the front of the hair system. The result is a striking and dramatic appearance, stark contrasts between dark brown and platinum blonde hues. This style effortlessly balances softness with an edgy, awe-inspiring allure and is often employed for trending peek-a-boo highlights.

Figure 3: Custom order

Custom order

Beyond this distinctive look, there are several other trends utilizing the checkerboard highlighting method:


**Honeycomb Chic:** When applied at the front of the hair system, this technique can craft an enchanting honeycomb-inspired appearance characterized by well-defined highlights that exude sophistication.

- **Cruella's Inspired Signature:** Drawing inspiration from the iconic hairstyle associated with Cruella de Vil, this highlighting method creates bold stripe effects at opposite ends of the head, resembling a checkerboard pattern when viewed from above.

Cruella de Vil

Unlike the traditional concept of highlights, which typically involves subtle, evenly-distributed streaks throughout the hair system, this type of highlighting infuses a lightness that enhances the overall color. Checkered highlights are usually administered in a checkerboard design, alternating between the two required colours. This approach is particularly effective for achieving striking contrasts and capturing the eye with its dramatic effect.

Spot highlight:

Now, let's shift our focus to another highlighting method known as spot highlights. This highlight method is the most favourable amongst the other highlighted methods because of its ability to really provide a natural look, and is renowned for its versatility. This versatility allows you to achieve a wide range of looks, from subtle enhancements to striking transformations, all while maintaining precise control over where the highlights are placed.

With this approach, you have the precision to pinpoint exactly where you'd like to add highlights, providing an exceptional level of control and customization. Spot highlights offer various permutations involving mixing with percentages and size, allowing for nuanced variations.

One distinctive feature of spot highlights is how they seamlessly blend with the surrounding shade, thanks to their circular shape. The circular spots soften the highlights, ensuring a smooth transition into the other tones, particularly at the top of the hair system or wig See Figure 4

Figure 4 - custom

spot highlights

Several key factors come into play to achieve spot highlights, which are also known as streak highlights. These include determining the size and shape of the spot highlights, which can be circular or squared, as well as their precise placement, color selection, and the percentage of highlights required. The versatility of spot highlights allows you to tailor them to your desired aesthetic. You can strategically position these highlights throughout the hair system or wig, concentrating them in particular areas such as the front, top, or crown, or opt for a more uniform distribution across the entire hair system. The creative possibilities are truly limitless, offering a wide range of customizable outcomes.


Lastly, let's dive into Ombre. As mentioned above, Ombre is not customizable in terms of mixing color or placement of the color at Superhairpieces. Since there are many different factors that occur during the coloring process, at this time it’s just not feasible to offer many customization options. Ombre is a technique that encompasses a hair coloring method in which a darker base color gradually transitions to lighter tones, typically commencing around the mid-lengths of the hair, resulting in a sun-kissed appearance.

At Superharipieces we offer three ombre colours available for custom orders: OB327, OB1815, and OB524. However don’t you fret As the company evolves, we are sure to add more ombre colours to this list. For more detailed information on these ombre colours, read the [Allure color blog].

Figure 5 Allure Collection

Allure Collection

While the selection of available ombre colors may be somewhat limited at this time, incorporating ombre into your custom order can streamline the customization process, especially if you intend to color the hair system further. Instead of undertaking the task of coloring the entire hair system, you may only need to apply a specific toner to achieve a darker shade or introduce semi-permanent color to infuse shades like pink without the concern of affecting the top section. Moreover, in custom orders, you have the flexibility to tailor the length of the hair to your needs, so if you require a 12" ombre color, that option is readily available to you.

With the ability to adjust hair length and experiment with toners or semi-permanent colors, you can personalize precisely to your clients preferences. This makes the customization process more accessible and convenient, allowing you to easily achieve your desired ombre style.

How to place a custom order for highlights:

To initiate a custom order for highlights, follow these steps:

1. Start by downloading the order form from this link: [Custom Order Form Download].

2. Complete all the required sections on the form. As you progress through the form and reach the midway point, you'll encounter the "Color" section on the left-hand side. The first column, there are 3 slots; the first slot is the base color, while the other two empty slots correspond to your chosen highlight shades. Besides the colours, you can place specific percentages of highlights based on placement (1 Front, 2 Top, 3, Crown etc)

If desired, you can also incorporate grey as one of your highlight options, employing any of the previously discussed highlighting techniques. In addition, if you have unique colours that you would like to choose for your clients, you can always send us colour samples and label the colours accordingly.


3. On the right-hand side of the form, you'll find the "Highlight" section located above the base graphic. Here, you can encircle the specific type of highlight you prefer and include any essential notes adjacent to it. Should you require additional space for sketches or further details, a "Notes" section is conveniently located at the very bottom of the form.


By following these straightforward steps and completing the custom order form, you can easily specify your desired highlights and contribute to the creation of a personalized and tailored hair system that perfectly suits you or your client’s unique style.

Of course, our team of custom order specialists is here to provide you with dedicated support for any inquiries or assistance you may need throughout the custom order process. Your satisfaction and the realization of your vision are our top priorities, and we're committed to making your customization experience as seamless and satisfying as possible. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or requests, and we'll be delighted to assist you in creating the perfect custom hair system with highlights for your clients that truly reflect your unique style and their preferences.

At Superhairpieces, we recognize the importance of providing stylists with innovative options to streamline customization. With the freedom to choose colors, sizes, shapes, and placement, you have the creative latitude to craft a hair system that precisely embodies your client's desired look.

For more information, please contact our sales team at

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