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Women’s color ring: Allure and Basic Collection

Women’s color ring: Allure and Basic Collection

Posted by Superhairpieces on Sep 22, 2023

Allure color ring

A significant milestone in our company's history has opened the doors to an extensive and diverse collection of wigs for women. Superhairpieces presents an array of base designs tailored to individual preferences, with a commitment that extends beyond the industry standards. Our offerings now encompass an expansive variety of hair colors and innovative color combinations, all of which will be detailed in this article. Within the realm of Superhairpieces, you'll find an array of choices, including regular solid colors, captivating Allure shades, and entrancing ombre styles. The majority of Allure and Ombre colors are born from skillful fusions of our core solid shades, resulting in captivating aesthetics. Contrasting men's hair colors, women's hair tones lean towards warmer shades irrespective of any ashy undertones, although there are exceptions which we'll delve into further in this blog.

There are four tone categories we’re going to dive into: red, black, brown, and blonde tones.

red, black, brown, and blonde tones

Radiant Reds:

Red tones are versatile and able to complement various skin tones for a myriad of captivating looks. From the mystique of dark reds to the playful charm of bright reds and oranges, our collection encompasses a range of exquisite shades. Imagine the allure of copper, the vibrancy of orange hues, the richness of brassy tones, and the classic appeal of true reds.

Radiant reds work harmoniously with different skin tones. Strawberry blonde and copper red evoke a radiant glow on fair-skinned individuals with freckles and light eyes, while cooler skin tones and darker eyes shine when adorned with deep, true reds and hints of violet.

You can find red tones in stock women’s hair toppers and wigs at Superhairpieces. Our red tone colours are 28 Bronze, 30 Auburn, 33 Dark Auburn, BUG Burgundy, S11 Spiced Cinnamon, and S29 Star Anise

Color #28 Bronze is a magnificent color. In fact, it's a brunette shade that features subtle undertones of red, caramel, and delightful golden accents. Depending on the lighting conditions, this hair shade can appear akin to a lustrous strawberry blonde with golden undertones in brighter settings and reveal hints of strawberry tones in dimmer lighting.

As for colors #30 and #33, they both belong to the auburn spectrum, boasting deep, inviting warmth. However, within these two auburn options, #30 leans slightly towards a coppery tone, presenting an almost orangish shade, while #33 Dark Auburn offers a luxurious, deep reddish-brown hue. If your client prefers cooler tones, color #30 Auburn would be the more suitable choice. In our Allure collection, you'll discover an intriguing blend: #30 is enriched with highlights of #33, resulting in the captivating #S11 Spiced Cinnamon shade.

BUG represents our renowned burgundy variation, infused with captivating violet and magenta undertones. This fusion yields an arresting, intense shade that guarantees to command attention and ensure an individual stands out effortlessly – in essence, it's a shade that stands proudly on its own. Uniquely among the offerings in our women's collection, there is no incorporation of BUG's distinctive blend into any other color. However, for those seeking this remarkable color in an amalgamation with others, it remains a possibility through a custom wig request.

We are also introducing S29, the latest addition to our palette, exclusively available in the Maya or Noya selections. This shade is so novel that it carves out its own identity unlike any combination found in our standard women's color range. S29, named Star Anise, reigns as our sole ultra-cool red tone, further enhanced by its dark roots that seamlessly emulate the appearance of natural new growth.

Let's now shift our focus to the realm of black tones. The richness of dark shades like black possesses the remarkable ability to impart an illusion of increased hair thickness, resulting in a glossy, vibrant, and robust appearance. These profound hues bestow an aura of sophistication and sleekness that remains captivating throughout the year.

Within the realm of regular colors, one can anticipate encountering our deepest ebony shade, designated as #1 Jet Black. Following this, there's the #11B Natural Black, which assumes an ashier or cooler undertone compared to the ensuing shade of black – the #1B Off Black. The latter, #1B Off Black, exhibits subtle hints of brown, which may become delicately noticeable under certain lighting conditions.


In the captivating Allure collection, a noteworthy detail emerges: none of the black hues are combined, except within our latest creation – the mesmerizing Caramel Swirl, labeled as #BY128. This particular shade represents an equitable blend of #1 Jet Black and #2 Darkest Brown, expertly woven with balayage highlights in color #8 Light Chestnut Brown, contributing a softening effect to the overall appearance. It's important to mention that this novel hue is exclusively found in the Maya and Noya models.

Now, let's plunge straight into the domain of brown tones. There exists a prevailing notion that dark hair can make anyone appear older than their age, so if you're on a quest to shed years from your look, opting for brown shades will certainly help you achieve that. Browns, in particular, form a fantastic pairing with lighter shades of brown and blonde. This combination delivers a touch of summer warmth and a youthful aura, a blend of fun and sophistication all encapsulated in a single statement.

Since we have 8 solid brown colours, we created a chart that you can look at in Figure 1.

brown colours

As time passes, it's well-known that the hair color of wigs will gradually lose their vibrancy. The key to maintaining locks that radiate with color is selecting the deepest shade within the same tonal family. For instance, in the realm of browns, the deepest hue is #2 - darkest brown, which over time transitions to a #3 dark brown. Both these colors possess warm undertones, allowing for a seamless shift. In contrast, #4 is a medium dark brown with a cool undertone. Consequently, if #3 evolves into a medium shade, it will retain more warmth compared to #4. Another warm brown in the spectrum is #5 Satin Walnut, which also incorporates subtle cool hues, producing a satin-like effect. The remaining browns lean towards cooler tones, imparting a touch of ashiness. These shades are notably lighter in appearance as well.

Colors #6 chestnut brown, #8 Light Brown, and #10 golden brown share striking similarities, though slight distinctions set them apart. Specifically, #10 is slightly lighter than #6, while #8 exhibits a shade darker and warmer demeanor than #6. Concluding the brown spectrum is #12 Sunset Brown, bridging the transition from brown to blonde shades. Remarkably akin to a very dark blonde, #12 Sunset Brown embodies this hue.

Allure collection

Within the Allure collection, these solid brown colors predominantly manifest as dark roots, ombre, and low lights on wigs. The remarkable #S1 Espresso achieves its uniqueness by seamlessly blending colors #2 and #4, culminating in a naturally blended look. S2 Chocolate Truffle, represented by #2, boasts a base of #3 with #5 highlights artfully intertwined throughout. This particular shade is perfect for those desiring a subtle yet alluring addition to their appearance. Another Allure color, #S3 Mocha Caramel, harmonizes #4, #6, and #33 in equal proportions. While #4 and #6 deliver a natural medium brown essence, the inclusion of #33 introduces warmer orange undertones. Lastly, S18 Honey Caramel, a predominantly light brown shade (#8), is adorned with blonde highlights in color #26. What sets this shade apart is its rooted foundation in #8, allowing the highlights to emerge about an inch down, thus bestowing a natural growth appearance.

There's a popular saying that suggests blondes have more fun, yet from our viewpoint, the accuracy of this notion remains uncertain. What we do find compelling is the exhilaration derived from experimenting with various shades, tones, and colors of blonde. This dynamic exploration infuses vibrancy into any blend it encounters and evokes thoughts of the coveted sun-kissed glow that draws admiration during the summer months. Blondes possess a unique ability to illuminate any complexion, instilling it with a cheerful and radiant demeanor. Within our palette, you'll discover a range of eight distinctive solid blonde shades, conveniently displayed in the accompanying chart.

#14, #16, #18, #22 #24 #25, #26, #613

Blonde color collection

Colour #14 Dark Wheat Blonde and #26 Light Honey Blonde incorporate subtle reddish undertones, producing an effect reminiscent of a light copper or very light brown shade, radiating deep warmth. On the other hand, #16 Dark Shade Blonde and #18 Ash Blonde exhibit a cool, ashy quality and fall within the medium tonal range. These shades are perfect for those who desire a blonde hue that's not excessively platinum or vibrant, instead favoring a subdued dark overtone. Moving to #24 Ginger Blonde and #25 Champagne Blonde, both are medium-toned, but unlike the ash cool shade, these shades embrace a warmer blonde coloring. Lastly, our lightest and most ashy blondes, #22 Light Ash Blonde and #613 Lightest Blonde, differ in tone. #613 offers a slightly warmer tone compared to the cooler #22, which introduces a subtle hint of yellow. For those seeking a truly platinum, silver blonde, #22 is the optimal choice.

Given the immense popularity and demand for blonde colors in the realm of hair, Superhairpieces has meticulously crafted numerous blonde blends to deliver impeccable combinations, readily available in our Allure wigs.

Blonde color collection

Blonde shades #S5, #S6, #S9, and #S17 are the latest additions to our Allure collection, boasting unique compositions that exclude our regular solid colors.

Blonde color collection

Contrastingly, our other Allure shades are ingeniously mixed with solid colors to offer a seamless ready-to-wear appearance. The enchanting S4 Blonde Mocha incorporates brown #7, and blondes #12 and #24. These three shades are expertly intertwined with an even distribution, creating a natural play of highlights and lowlights. Please note that #7 is exclusively available for custom orders and not as a stock color. The #S10 Caramel Champagne combines four distinct colors: 18, 22, and 27, all meticulously streaked evenly. This shade is rooted with color #8 to emulate natural new growth. Finally, Color S16 White Tiramisu stands as one of our most striking blondes in the Allure collection. Rooted with color #8, it predominantly exhibits the #18 hue, complemented by 613 highlights that bestow dimension and the sought-after platinum blonde appeal.

ombre  color collection

Let's now explore our OMBRES. The influence of ombre styles has undeniably left a remarkable imprint on the industry. When aiming for an authentic appearance, the ombre technique adeptly mirrors the natural regrowth of color-treated hair, offering a solution that minimizes the need for frequent touch-ups. Additionally, the sun-kissed effect achieved through lighter ombre ends beautifully captures the essence of a blissful summer ambiance.

Presently, we offer three ombre options, progressing from the darkest to the lightest rooted color. #OB327 boasts a base of color #3 dark brown and elegantly blends with the rose gold tones of color #27. This blend is particularly suited for those who seek a subtle, sun-kissed blonde touch without opting for overly bright colors. Moving along, #OB524 features a base color of #5 Satin Walnut that gracefully transitions into the warm tones of ginger blonde #24. This ombre variation represents our medium shade selection.

Finally, we have the Butter Melt Blonde, known as #OB1825, which claims the title of the blondest ombre in our collection. The foundation is established with the base color #18 and seamlessly melts into the shade #25. What sets this color apart is the ombre's starting point – unlike the other ombre options, it commences approximately two inches down, offering a distinctive touch that extends further than the usual halfway point down the hair.

Our Ombres are currently found in P41L16, Q18, EV7914, EV5714, and TL6814.

And there you have it – Superhairpieces has remarkably broadened its inventory, now featuring a diverse array of wigs that not only offer various base designs but also come in ready-made colors, eliminating the need for extensive coloring efforts. This advancement significantly expedites the selection process for our valued clients. Instead of dedicating hours to coloring a wig or topper, you can now have it readily styled and attached for your client’s convenience.

For further insights and details like these, please contact our support team at or 1-866-814-7879. We're dedicated to providing you with the latest and most valuable information to enhance your wig experience.

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