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10 female celebrities who wear hair extensions

10 female celebrities who wear hair extensions

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jul 06, 2021

Just like wigs, something that is also becoming accepted in society today is the use of hair extensions. Previously looked down upon, they are now a common fixture for women while men also wear hair extensions to add length, thickness and volume to their hair.

One reason for the popularity of hair extensions is because celebrities have been wearing, and as a result, normalizing them. And so, we look at 10 female celebrities who proudly wear hair extensions.

Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner hair extensions

Fashion mogul to women and teenage girls around the world, Kylie Jenner is known more for wearing a wide variety of wigs, but hair extensions are also a common feature of her look.

After all, bleaching your hair everyday wouldn’t be healthy for your natural hair and Jenner — who actually has naturally short hair — has also been donning extensions ever since she was a teenager to give her the long locks and waves she usually displays on Instagram.

Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj long hair
Flickr/hnnssy25 -

Rapper Nicki Minaj loves to experiment with different hairstyles, hair colors and looks, and hair extensions play a big role in her doing just that.

One just needs to look at her Elle July 2018 cover where she was wearing hair extensions that put her total hair length at 59 inches long. But again, this is far from uncommon for the “Super Bass” singer.

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian hair extensions

If Kylie Jenner was on this list, the odds are Kim Kardashian will also be on it. The world-known socialite loves to dazzle with different, extravagant and sometimes controversial looks. Her large collection of wigs and hair extensions help her do that as Kardashian doesn’t shy away from her use of them by any means.

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Ariana Grande

ariana grande hair
Flickr/lindsay neilson photos -

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular singers in the world and is known for her long locks, mainly her signature ponytail look. However, her natural hair isn’t that long and she has even admitted her ponytail is a result of hair extensions.

Not that it’s something she hides or needs to as she looks good even with an all-natural look.

Selena Gomez

selena gomez long black hair
Flickr/Lisa Bjorheim -

Selena Gomez is no stranger to changing her hairstyles and that includes the use of hair extensions as well. This was evident in the past when the singer went from short to rather long hair in the span of just a few days which was clearly not a natural transformation.

And whenever she does make use of hair extensions, Gomez always blends it seamlessly with her natural brunette hair.

Lady Gaga

lady gaga hairstyles
Flickr/Philip Nelson -

If there was one pop star who defined changing hairstyles, it’s Lady Gaga who has not only experimented with different styles, but also many different colors throughout the years. Wigs and hair extensions have allowed her to do this as the 35-year-old showcased what her real hair looked like when she starred in A Star is Born.

Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez curly hair
Flickr/celebrityabc -

Jennifer Lopez is another female celebrity who loves to switch up her styles every now and then. The singer/actress/dancer has donned a number of hairstyles over the years from straight hair with bangs, voluminous waves to curly hair. And while she still favors the ponytail bun look, she is no stranger to using hair extensions to enhance the length and volume of her brunette hair.

Dua Lipa

dua lipa short hair
Flickr/Tore Sætre -

Arguably the most popular pop star in the world today, Dua Lipa is undoubtedly a fan of hair extensions. This should be evident given how frequently we see her with her natural, shorter length hair only to have voluminous and colorful long hair on certain occasions. The 2019 MetGala comes to mind.

Hailey Bieber

hailey bieber short hair

Hailey Bieber is another whose hair goes from short to long to blonde to pink to curly all in a matter of a few weeks. Her natural hair, however, stays the same length as the wife of Justin Bieber uses hair extensions for all her various looks.

She’s also very open about it: "I have so many extensions in it. Here’s the thing: I used to have long hair naturally when I was 16, but my hair is really thin and I don't think it’s necessarily the best looking when it’s long by itself. It’s so easy when it’s short, but sometimes I want the sexy, luxurious, long hair. I’ll see people on the internet saying, 'I missed when you had long hair,' and I’m like, I can literally put it back in tomorrow. It’s not like it grew and I keep cutting it; it’s been short for five years."

Bella Hadid

bella hadid waves hair

Bella Hadid is one of the most popular models in the world and given her profession, it’s only to be expected that she wears hair extensions for her many looks and hairstyles such as her mermaid waves. This is also evident when she goes from short hair to long hair in a matter of days.

Remember — nobody has the power to magically grow their hair that quick. It’s all thanks to hair extensions!


As can be seen above, even the most popular celebrities make use of hair extensions with some even retaining their short, natural hair.

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