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Does Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton Wear a Wig?

Does Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton Wear a Wig?

Posted by Santana Fell on Aug 21, 2023

The popular Western ranching TV series "Yellowstone" has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline, compelling characters, and breathtaking Montana landscapes. One character who has particularly caught the attention of fans is Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reily, known for her fiery personality, sharp wit, and striking appearance.

Where can we watch Yellowstone’s, Beth Dutton?

beth yellowstone

With CBS announcing the broadcast debut of the back half of Yellowstone season 5 on September 17, 2023, you have your shot at catching up with all the episodes beginning from season one through the first half of season five.

While we wait for season five's second half, the network revealed that an as-yet-untitled Yellowstone sequel will debut in December, presumably to replace the original show's timeslot. The show will premiere on Paramount Network and later stream through Paramount+.

Why is Beth Dutton’s wig famous?

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the hair of Beth Dutton, Yellowstone's strong and fierce character. Fans of the series have always been curious about Beth Dutton's hair. Her blonde locks are always perfectly styled, and that's one reason that made people speculate if her luscious locks were real.

Does Beth Dutton wear a wig?

The actress Kelly Reilly does indeed wear a wig for her role as Beth Dutton in Yellowstone. In an interview, Reilly revealed that she wears a wig to achieve Beth's signature hairstyle and color.

Wigs and hairpieces for women are common in the entertainment industry, as hair and makeup teams work diligently to ensure the actors look their best on screen.

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What is the color of Beth Dutton's wig?

Beth Dutton's wig

Kelly Reily sports a blonde wig with heavy bangs as the character Beth Dutton in Yellowstone. Her blonde hair showcases dark roots, too. In some episodes, her wig even has an ombre blonde look to it. No matter the variation through the different seasons, the rich blonde Beth Dutton look never goes out of style.

What is Beth Dutton’s hairstyle?

Beth Dutton’s hairstyle

Beth’s golden blonde locks change with the seasons from shoulder-length styles to long bobs, and of course, her signature bangs stay put whether she wears it down, in a messy ponytail, or in a classy updo.

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Why does Beth Dutton wear a wig?

Kelly Riley wears a wig

Kelly Riley wears a wig because her natural hair doesn't match the blonde hair color required for the role of Berth Dutton. Besides, the wig helps achieve the desired look for the character and protects Riley's hair from damage caused by constant coloring. Additionally, wearing a wig allows for easier maintenance and consistency throughout filming the season.

Where to get the same hair color and style as Beth Dutton?

Superhairpieces offers gorgeous human hair wigs for women in different kinds of blondes to suit your preference. These wigs are super comfortable, stylish and affordable. They come in various lengths and styles, including bob hairstyles and mid-length haircuts. You can always get bangs cut on the hairpiece by a professional stylist.

Regardless of whether or not Beth Dutton wears a wig, her character has become a fan favorite due to her strength, determination, and unwavering loyalty to her family. And let's not forget her impeccable sense of style, which includes her signature braids and cowboy hats.

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