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Keanu Reeves wearing hair extensions shows it’s not only for women

Keanu Reeves wearing hair extensions shows it’s not only for women

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jun 25, 2021

Over the years, we’ve become used to seeing Keanu Reeves alternate between short hair and long hair. However, in recent years, he has become more known for his long hair thanks to his new mainstream popularity due to the John Wick series.

Although he did shave for the upcoming Matrix 4 movie, Reeves’ hair has already grown back considerably — but not to the extent required for the John Wick 4 movie currently in production.

Images recently circulated around social media showing the Canadian star wearing hair extensions for his longtime role.

You can see it below:

It also appears to be tape-in extensions which are relatively easy to install compared to the more complex hair extensions such as machine-weft, hand-tied weft, u-tip and i-tip extensions.

Now, you might be thinking — aren’t hair extensions for women? Although women do tend to wear them much more as it provides thickness, volume and length to already-long hair, it’s not out of the question for men as Reeves isn’t the first to wear them.

Daniel Radcliffe — star of Harry Potter — also wore hair extensions for his role in the 2015 film Victor Frankenstein, though he wasn’t personally a fan of the maintenance required. “I don’t know how anyone deals with them,” Radcliffe told “The stress – you have to wash them; if you don’t, they get really rank.”

The likes of Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear have also sported hair extensions for various roles, but it doesn’t have to be for movies only.

Many of the top K-Pop stars today also wear extensions to accentuate their hair and overall looks. Among them are Jay B of South Korean boy band Got7.

Those extensions in particular appear to be clip-in given how easy they were to remove in comparison to other types. Clip-in hair extensions can be manually installed in just 10-15 minutes and are the easiest to remove out of all the extension types.

Jimin, one of the members of the world famous BTS band, is another who uses keratin hair extensions. As you can see, this is very common with these pop stars not shying away from their use of extensions.

Lastly, there's also Moonbin of Astro who shows just how easy and convenient it is to remove his extensions.

In conclusion, hair extensions are not just for women, and it shouldn’t be surprising to see more and more men start donning them if they desire the extra length and volume. At Superhairpieces, we offer a wide range of human hair extensions from clip-in, tape-in, i-tip, u-tip, machine weft, hand-tied weft and much, much more.


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