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Women’s Trending Top Closures

Women’s Trending Top Closures

Posted by Superhairpieces on Sep 07, 2020

There’s been a trend going on in the hair industry. The integration trend. We have many stylists working up a storm integrating new hair systems and with hair extensions.

Didn’t know that? Well now you know. Of course Superhairpieces has always been up-to-date with the latest trends in the medical side of women’s top pieces but now they are starting to see the growing need to have more styles in-stock.

Last year we launched the Allure collection featuring the highest premium grade quality offered to women for medical and fashion needs.

But, just like any collection we do have the “fan” favourites! So to make it easy for you we created a list of women’s toppers that are among the most popular for stylists to integrate with even hair extensions. If you’re an at-home pro, you’ll definitely want to read on!


Mono silk top hair pieces


This hair system is great for any permanent bonding or beaded bonding. It is a cut-away to you can cut this down to size. This is a mono (monofilament wig) top with poly coating perimeter. The poly around the system provides the durability you need. You can even sew on clips for those nightly take offs.

The medium density allows you to have just the right amount of hair to provide you the volume you need. Since this 100% human remy hair, you can definitely style this however you want. The durability of this hair system is about 6 to 12 months and of course it varies depending on the wear and tear.



This French lace women’s top (french lace wig) closure is among the favourites because of how natural it looks and feels. The 1” double lace perimeter provides extra durability for any type of bonding and even adding clips.

Although this may not be as durable as the P44, it does provide that natural hairline. So you can definitely have this closure right up to the hairline and it will still look very natural. The density is light to medium which provides a light natural feel. This is a great option for those who have thin hair and still want that natural look.




Very similar materials used as the P44, except the poly perimeter is just enough to have the clips. Also, this is not a cut-away. Therefore, this hair system is not that great for adding a lot of glue or large tape, since the poly area is only about ½”. The purpose of this hair system is to add volume on top, and you can remove it every night which actually preserves the longevity of the hair system.





Queen Models

This hair system is more on the lighter and delicate side of the top closures. It is made with swiss lace and poly skin sides and back. Many hair extensionists love to use this hair system in their beaded bonding methods for those who have thin hair. It is very natural looking in the front and the poly on the sides and back provides that extra durability.

This hair system (swiss lace front wigs) comes in two different sizes with two different hair lengths. Of course you can check the website for more on the specs of each.





This hair system is great for integration of pulling your own hair through. It is a mono top with a small lace front and the machine weft backing. The backing is very stretchable making the integration easy. Also, this hair system is extremely breathable. A hook is required to pull hair through the integration backing.




This top closure is another mono top, with a cutaway poly perimeter. As you can see this is to add volume at the top and the clips make it super easy to just place it right. Of course if you would prefer the permanent bonding the clips can be removed for those types of attachments. The front hair line shape is a C shape which allows you to cut straight bangs if that is the style preferred.

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