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Why do Women Wear Wigs? 6 Reasons Why They are so Popular

Why do Women Wear Wigs? 6 Reasons Why They are so Popular

Posted by Superhairpieces on Mar 09, 2021

Wigs are a popular option for women who are suffering from major hair loss issues. However, at the same time, they are also a popular option for women who have plenty of hair. One just needs to look at the entire Kardashian family with just about every member sporting wigs at some point in public.

So why do women love to wear wigs so much? Superhairpieces looks at six reasons why they are so popular..

women hair loss problems

Conceal a wide range of hair loss problems

Women can suffer from many issues that lead to significant hair loss.

For some, it can be hereditary alopecia. For others, it can range from chemotherapy treatment stemming from breast cancer, Loose-Anagen syndrome and Telogen Effluvium to even chronic habitual disorders such as trichotillomania and traction alopecia caused by the repetitive pulling of hair, especially during childhood and adolescence.

What these issues have in common is that they can all be concealed with the use of a wig so that women have a full head of hair as well as their confidence back.

fix minor (receding hairline) hair loss

Fix minor hair issues

Women don’t only need to have major hair loss issues such as bald spots to require a wig.

Hair thinning or even a slightly receding hairline can be quickly concealed with a wig. If it’s just for specific areas, hair toppers can also be used. As a result, they will have an instant peace of mind and will no longer have to worry about others noticing their hair issues and making any remarks.



According to a 2014 study, women spend 55 minutes every day working on their appearance which translates to two full weeks a year.

A wig, meanwhile, only takes a few minutes to install and it’s even more convenient when it’s pre styled so they don’t have to waste unnecessary time styling their hair in the morning and making sure it’s perfect before they go out.

wigs allow to different hairstyles

Allows to experiment with different styles

To the aforementioned point about the Kardashians, wigs allow women to experiment and test out different hairstyles with various colours and lengths. There’s a reason why famous celebrities are able to constantly mix up their hairstyles, sometimes every day even.

And since it’s not a permanent change, women can see exactly how they look in a desired style all without styling and potentially damaging their natural hair!

wig protect the natural hair

Natural hair is protected

Continuing with the previous point, wearing a wig can also protect the natural hair of women. Just about every appliance we use on our hair can potentially damage our hair in some way whether it's hair spray, straighteners, blow dryers or curling irons. Wigs significantly reduce the need for those appliances — at least on your natural hair.

In addition, wigs can also protect your natural hair from harsh climates where it’s either too dry or too cold which can significantly affect the texture and health of your hair.

saving money

Saves money in the long run

While certain wigs bear a heavy upfront cost depending on the quality and type, in the long run, you’re saving money. How? Reduced trips to the salon every two weeks to recut or style your hair a certain way. Not to mention saving on all the other products women would usually use on their natural hair.

With wigs, all you really need is a good shampoo and conditioner — two items everyone already has in their household.


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