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What is the Difference Between a Wig and a Toupee?

What is the Difference Between a Wig and a Toupee?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Feb 12, 2021

If you’re new to the world of hair systems, you might think that wigs and toupees are the same thing. After all, they are both non-surgical hair replacement systems that are applied to and cover the head with synthetic or real human hair.

But despite that, there are also some key differences between them with each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

Wigs for Women

About Wigs

Wigs are hair systems that cover the entire head of the wearer. They have traditionally been used to hide the scalps of those who are completely bald or clean shaven and have been worn as early as Ancient Egyptian times. There are also medical wigs available that are ideal for those undergoing chemotherapy, diagnosed with cancer, alopecia or other medical conditions causing long-term hair loss.

Additionally, in recent years, wigs have been used by celebrities to experiment with different hairstyles or make a fashion statement while actors also don them for particular roles. A simple Google search of the Kardashian family wearing wigs is enough to show you how accepted hair systems are in society today with many regular people now wearing them as well.

Wigs can be elastically applied as well as with tape or special glue and come in all sorts of hairstyles. At Superhairpieces, the general size for a wig or toupee is 8x10 but anything between that size and 11x13 is usually considered an extra large toupee or a partial wig. Anything above 11x13 is a wig.

Toupee for Men

About Toupees

Toupees, on the other hand, are part of a wig which covers certain areas of the scalp but not the full head. They are usually worn by men more than women given the typical hair loss areas due to male pattern baldness as balding men will still have hair growth on the sides and back of their heads. The women’s equivalent are hair toppers.

However, toupees can also be worn to cover only specific areas of the scalp such as a balding crown or the front to conceal receding hairlines. Like wigs, toupees are also increasingly accepted in society and worn by a number of people. They are also applied using tape or special glue and can be customized.

At Superhairpieces, the general size for a wig or toupee is 8x10 but anything below that size is usually considered a toupee.

Advantages of wigs

Compared to a toupee, with wigs, you’re covering your head completely and don’t need to worry about the hair system matching with your own hair when it comes to length, color and density. In the process, you don’t have to worry about whether any part of your hair is balding or thinning when you are outside now that you have full hair coverage.

Additionally, because you are completely covering your head with a wig, there is less work and maintenance required overall compared to a toupee when it comes to styling and the entire application process.

Wigs also tend to last longer than toupees as they can last up to two years depending on how frequently it’s worn and maintained. Toupees, in comparison, can last up to six months with the more natural looking pieces being less durable.

Lastly, there’s also the added bonus of wigs allowing you to adopt or experiment with completely new hairstyles whether it’s for personal, fashion or cosplay reasons.

Advantages of toupees

Toupees are beneficial for those not looking to shave their head completely and just looking to mask the balding areas on their head. Have a balding or thinning crown? All you need is is a toupee to cover that area and it will match with the rest of your hair, provided it is applied and styled properly.

Another benefit is that it will look more natural than a full wig as wigs tend to look too perfect which might draw out suspicions from family, friends and colleagues. Toupees, on the other hand, will blend with your natural hair. Toupees can also be worn to sleep as they don’t shed compared to full cap wigs which will need to be taken off.

Lastly, they are a more affordable option in general compared to full cap wigs given that they don’t cover the full head.

Wig and toupee stats

According to our data here at Superhairpieces, 98 percent of men who purchase hair systems opt for human hair toupees while two percent buy human hair wigs. Meanwhile, only a very few opt for synthetic hair toupees for men.

In comparison, 70 percent of women buy human hair toppers — the equivalent of men’s toupees — while 30 percent of women buy human hair wigs.


Both wigs and toupees give you instant results and require maintenance like any other hair system, but as noted above, each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.
Ultimately, the decision lies on you and what your needs are.


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