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Why 99% of men's hair systems purchased are toupees, not wigs

Why 99% of men's hair systems purchased are toupees, not wigs

Posted by Superhairpieces on Apr 05, 2021

When most people think of men's hair systems, they immediately think of wigs. Whether it’s men wearing hairpieces to cover up their baldness or using it for cosplay or movie purposes, everyone seems to believe they are wearing wigs by default.

However, this is actually a very common misconception in the world of non-surgical hair replacement systems as only a small percentage of men actually wear wigs. This blog post will explain why that is the case and which men actually wear wigs.

toupee wig

Why does everyone assume wigs are used?

The main reason people believe any hair system is a wig is simply because the wig came first. They have been worn as early as Ancient Egyptian times with the sole purpose of hiding the scalps of those who are completely bald or clean shaven.

The key point to note is that they cover the entire scalp. This also explains why everyone holds the perception that every hair system is a wig since they are mostly associated with completely bald people.

However, not everyone who wears a hair system is completely bald.

balding crown

Toupees are the most common hair system

While toupees are a kind of wig, they differ in that they only cover certain areas of the scalp but not the full head. They are usually worn by men since they cover the typical hair loss areas due to male pattern baldness — such as the front and top — as balding men will still have hair growth on the sides and back of their heads.

Toupees can also be a somewhat permanent attachment as each installation could last up to five weeks. Wigs, meanwhile, will need to be taken off every night as sleeping with it could shorten its lifespan from a couple of months to a couple of days.

For a more in-depth guide comparing wigs and toupees.

Additionally, according to Superhairpieces data, 99% of men who purchase hair systems from us opt for toupees as opposed to wigs. So the next time you assume someone with a hair system is wearing a wig, think again!

who wears wigs?

Who actually wears wigs?

So that begs the question — who actually does wear wigs? We know women wear wigs but men wear them as well.

In particular, men who either go through chemotherapy, want to cover a scar on the back of their heads — possibly due to a follicular unit transplantation (FUT) hair transplant — or are suffering from medical conditions such as alopecia totalis which leads to complete baldness on the head.

But as aforementioned, only a few percentage of men really purchase wigs for their hair replacement needs.


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