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What are the differences between Remy and non-Remy hair?

What are the differences between Remy and non-Remy hair?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jan 06, 2022

Whether you’re purchasing a human hair toupee, human hair topper, Women's human hair wigs or human hair extensions, you will always be wearing Remy hair when you purchase from Superhairpieces. Remy human hair is regarded as the highest quality of natural hair and if you want to know everything about it as well as why it’s superior to non-Remy hair, this blog post will explain it all.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair

When the term Remy is used, it refers to hair where the cuticles are intact and going in the same direction. It is kept this way as the hair is collected directly from the provider or donor, being cut directly from their scalp. As a result, Remy hair sheds less and the chances of matting or tangling problems are much lower. Additionally, this hair is smoother, shinier and healthier than other types of hair. Remy hair is 100% human hair and is considered the highest quality hair available for hair systems.

What is non-Remy hair?

non-Remy hair

Non-Remy hair refers to hair that does not have its cuticles aligned in the same direction. This hair is usually collected from leftover hair that has shed or been cut and left on the floors of salons or temples. Once collected, they are recycled and combined to make a weft. Because the cuticles run in all sorts of directions, it is harder to maintain, harder to brush and much more prone to being tangled or matted. As a result, it also requires a greater concentration of acid to burn off the cuticles to create less friction when combing it before being attached to a hair system. At the end of the process, this non-Remy hair looks and feels dry and straw-like.

Why is Remy hair better than non-Remy hair?

Remy hair better than non-Remy hair

You’ve probably guessed it, but Remy hair is clearly superior to non-Remy hair and you should always go for that option when possible. Of course, Remy hair will naturally be more expensive given that it is shinier, smoother and healthier than non-Remy hair. But it’s definitely worth it if you want high quality hair that looks and feels natural on your scalp.

Additionally, Remy hair will look and feel natural even after multiple washes. This is not always the case with non-Remy hair where the cuticles of the hair are already stripped giving it a dry look. In some cases, suppliers will mask this by using silicone to make the hair appear shinier and healthier. However, this silicone will wash off right away and your hair will go back to looking dull and dry.

In the end, if you can afford it, always opt for Remy hair rather than non-Remy hair.

How can I tell if the Remy hair system I’m buying is not non-Remy?

How can I tell if the Remy hair

The first thing you should do is check the texture of the hair. You should be able to tell when the hair is Remy as the strands of hair should feel smooth with the cuticles all going in the same direction. Alternatively, you can also check if it’s human hair in the first place by taking a few strands of hair and placing it above a flame whether it’s your stove or a lighter. If it curls into a ball, smells like burning plastic or tar and/or has a black smoke emitting from it, the chances are you bought a hair system using synthetic hair. However, if it curls into a ball or burns upwards with little smoke and smells like how burnt hair would smell, it’s real human hair. This, however, doesn’t guarantee it’s fully Remy, though.

Of course, not everyone wants to take a risk of ordering a hair system and then finding out the hair is non-Remy or non-human hair. One surefire way to tell, however, is the cost of the hair system. While at Superhairpieces, we only sell toupees and wigs that use real Remy hair, if you do decide to buy elsewhere, you should consider the cost. If a website is claiming to sell 100% human Remy hair with a hair system at a price less than $100, for example, this should be a major red flag. Human hair, especially Remy hair, is expensive and even if the website you are buying from is somehow selling Remy hair at that rate, the chances are it was not ethically sourced. This leads to our next point.

Why is human hair expensive in general?

expensive human hair

Human hair is the real deal compared to synthetic hair as it actually comes from the scalp of a human. Because of this, human hair systems are more expensive than synthetic hair systems and Remy hair is more expensive than non-Remy hair.

There are two main reasons for this. One of them — as aforementioned above — is that Remy hair is premium quality hair that is cut directly from the scalp of the hair provider or donor. The other reason is that Remy hair has to be ethically sourced. This means the providers or sellers are not exploited and are well-compensated for parting with their hair. If you are purchasing real human hair for an extremely cheap price, it’s either not real human hair or it wasn’t ethically sourced. Superhairpieces not only compensates its hair providers well, but also makes sure the hair is from a region that has the ideal conditions for the best and ethically sourced hair.


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