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Where Superhairpieces gets its ethically sourced hair

Where Superhairpieces gets its ethically sourced hair

Posted by Superhairpieces on Dec 20, 2021

The hair trade is a billion dollar business with multiple suppliers and hair extension companies using human hair provided by donors or people selling it. Most of this hair is usually provided by low-income or impoverished women looking to make some money. However, there is a dark side to the human hair trade. While for many, selling their hair provides a good source of income, for others, exploitation is extremely common with some only earning a few dollars while their remaining natural hair is not left in good shape.

As far as Superhairpieces is concerned, we only use 100% Remy human hair for all our hair systems whether it’s toupees, wigs, hair toppers or hair extensions. We not only make sure that these human hair providers are well-compensated, but also that it’s taken from a region that has the ideal conditions for the best quality hair. Read on below to learn where we get our hair from whether it’s Chinese, Indian, European or Jewish hair.

Chinese hair

Chinese hair is one of the most commonly used and sought after hair as it is regarded as premium quality in the hair system industry. This is because its hair texture is soft but can also be very durable, being able to withstand heat and chemical processes better than most types of hair. Additionally, the hair is very straight for those who prefer their hair texture that way. Most of our soft and fine Chinese hair comes from southeast China near Vietnam. This region is ideal for such hair as the soft water, moisture and humidity levels lead to the population growing hair that is long, soft, and healthy.

With that said, Chinese hair can also be strong and coarse which is ideal for those who want thicker and more dense hair. To get this type of hair, we usually get our human hair from northeast China. This region is more mountainous and dry which leads to hair that is much more durable and strong.

Indian hair

Indian hair is the most commonly used hair at Superhairpieces. Like Chinese hair, it has a soft and fine texture as well as being naturally straight, though it can also be wavy and curly. It is also easy to process and easy to style while its naturally dark color makes it a very versatile and desirable hair option.

Superhairpieces gets its Indian hair from India as well as Bangladesh. Myanmar is another country that supplies Indian hair with five percent of its population being Indians. In India, in particular, many women shave their hair as part of religious ceremonies while others sell it off to hair dealers.

European hair

European hair is one of the rarer hair types on the market. This is because of its variety of usually non-dark colors, with some coming in a red tone, as well as its fine textures. Because of this, it is also one of the more expensive hair types.

Superhairpieces offers European hair systems such as the M118 and M121 toupees while European hair can also be purchased with a custom order. Our European hair mainly comes from providers in Russia.

Jewish hair

While we do not offer as many wigs with Jewish hair, we do have it as an option. Also known as sheitel wigs or kosher wigs, our Maya and Noya models are some of the Jewish wigs we offer on our website. Orthodox Jewish women usually require these wigs to cover their hair after they are married as per Jewish biblical law. This serves as a reminder to themselves and others that they are married, while they also earn modesty in the process.

Additionally, Jewish wigs come with a hechsher (kosher certification) so as to ensure the hair was not donated as part of a ritual which is idolatrous. As for where Superhairpieces gets its hair from for Jewish hair systems, we usually use hair provided by donors in Mongolia. This hair is rare not only because of the low population of Mongolia, but because the hair is regarded as the strongest hair on the market.

Always look to purchase ethically sourced hair

Whether you are buying from us or any other hair system supplier, we urge you to always look to purchase your toupees, wigs or hair extensions from places that use ethically sourced hair. If you are purchasing from us, you can be rest assured that our human hair is always extracted in the most ethical way with hair providers compensated very well.


Interested in learning more about hair systems? Browse through our website at Superhairpieces (US & International) or Superhairpieces Canada

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