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Understanding the SKU

Understanding the SKU

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jun 19, 2023

At Superhairpieces, we have come a long way in developing our Women’s lines with Toppers and Wigs. Having different model names can be challenging when trying to remember all the toppers off the top of your head when consulting with clients.

However, by reading the model name, there is a quick hack to understanding the basic features like size, hair length, and model type. Understanding the SKU helps speed up the consultation process.

Most of the SKUs with our hair toppers are abbreviations of the model name. For example, EV7914, the EV stands for Ez Volume. Not all toppers operate in this sequence partially because the older models were developed before this new SKU system. This means any new additions to the collection will operate in the current systems making it easier to identify which model to choose.

hair color ring

The next few numbers on the SKU will determine the size of the base, reading left to right, front to back. The last few numbers will represent the finished hair length. Using EV7914 as an example, it can be read that it is 7” by 9” in size, and the finished length is 14”. So when doing consultations, just by reading the model, you can quickly identify if it will fit your client and if the hair length is preferred instead of looking through the catalogue and trying to find the dimensions.

Let’s look at another easy example: MH2216; this model is a mini hair which indicates just by looking at the number “22” that it’s a partial since the size is 2”x2” and the finished hair length is 16”. This model is perfect for clients with one or two balding spots that need a quick patch.

Now there are a few exceptions to this rule regarding the letters of the SKU. However, the models' numbers still reflect the size and finished hair length. These specifications are usually the first few details that hair replacements specialists look at to determine if a topper would fit the size of their client and whether the hair length matches their current hair length. The type of topper is usually chosen by the preference of the client and the ease of application by the specialist.

The exceptions:

SKUs that start with a single P:

Any models that start with P and no other letter involved indicate that there is needed detail to look out for because there are exceptions to this SKU that have a variance in design. These models were developed before the new SKU system, so they are read in a different fashion.

However, most models that start with a P and no other letter are mono tops with poly. The ones with more than 2 numbers indicate the size of the base and length of the hair.

The few exceptions to this rule are the P41L, a full skin base, and P45, a full French lace base. The ending number in these SKUs reflects the popular Men’s hair systems, the M101 and M105. The P41L is in comparison to the base of the M101 and the P45 to that of the M105.

M105 and M115

The P41 has an L in its SKU to represent that it is considered an 8 x 10 and ends with another set of numbers to indicate the finished hair length.

Also, these SKUs were developed to mimic the industry at the time, which meant that P models that only have 2 numbers don’t reflect the size or the hair length of these systems either; an example is the P44. But, with the evolution of Superhairpieces, it was time to develop a system that made more sense for our specialists to identify our models quickly rather than looking through the catalogue.

SKUs that start with Q:

Similar to the history of the single letter “P” models, the Q models were developed before the new SKU system. However, it starts with the abbreviation of the model's actual name. The Q stands for the model name Queen, which is a French lace topper with a poly back. This abbreviated SKU was the inception of the new system.

Of the Q models, the ending numbers indicate the length of hair. There are no other numbers to indicate the size. The Q18 is 18” in hair length, Q12 is 12” in hair length, etc. To determine the sizes of this system, one would need to look further into the catalogue for the specs.

Other Abbreviations in the SKU:

Other abbreviations in the SKU to be mindful of are BSC, HP, & EU.

Any hair system that contains BSC in the SKU indicates it is a basic version compared to the original hair system. Basic hair systems were designed as a response to COVID and the lack of inventory circulating in the industry. To accommodate our consumers' demands and needs, Basic versions were developed to help speed up production, lowering costs. The production of the product was accelerated, leading to a decrease in its overall quality compared to its original counterparts. While it still met the industry standards, it did not meet the high standards set by Superhairpieces.

Toppers that offer Basic versions are the P41L, P6814, P6818, P8914, PW2016, P7918, P8918, P7922, P8922

SKUs that offer HP in the model name provide HIGHER density with PREMIUM hair quality compared to their original version. For example, the Q18 uses our standard human hair and only offers solid colours. The Q18HP uses Premium quality hair that you would find in the Allure collections, which means it also offers Allure hair colours.

The EU in an SKU indicates the topper is made with European hair. Currently, we only offer one topper in European hair, which is our EUEV5708, European Ez Volume, size 5” by 7” with a finished hair length of 8”.

For most toppers, we carry 2-3 versions. For example, our P6814 also has Basic and Higher Density Premium Hair versions.

  • P6814BSC
  • P6814HP

With the evolution of Superhairpieces, we knew it was time to develop an SKU system that made more sense for our specialists to identify our models quickly rather than looking through the catalogue. It's a quick and easy guide, making you an expert in your field and a Superhairpieces Specialist.

For a quick reference, check out our SKU reference Card below:

SKU reference Card

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