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Superhairpieces- The Top Choice for Hair Direct Customers

Superhairpieces- The Top Choice for Hair Direct Customers

Posted by Santana Fell on Nov 28, 2023

Even after almost 2 years of its closure, Hair Direct customers have been relentlessly searching for reliable hair system suppliers and manufacturers that can live up to their hair system expectations.

With the sudden shocking and disappointing closure of Hair Direct, their helpless customers began a desperate search for new non-surgical hair replacement products and related supplies. This led them to many companies promising to provide the exact needed hair systems for men but, in most cases, failing to deliver.

Two years on and several trials and errors later, many people are still looking for the best alternative to Hair Direct.

While many online hair replacement system stores offer discounts and coupons for former Hair Direct customers joining them, there are a few reasons why many customers have chosen Superhairpieces over the rest.

Despite no introductory or promotional offers specifically for former Hair Direct customers, Superhairpieces still has a high retention rate of happy and satisfied customers. Don't trust what we say; check our reviews and see for yourself! (link review page)

If you too are a former Hair Direct customer, a newbie to hair systems and supplies like tapes and glues, or are looking to switch your hairpiece supplier, here are the top reasons why you can trust Superhairpieces to make you look younger and more confident with a full head of hair.

We can create a replica of your Hair Direct hairpiece

replica of hairpiece

We understand that you are used to a particular hair system’s fit and look, but suddenly changing your style and appearance can be quite intimidating. Searching for a new supplier and getting accustomed to their way of doing things is stressful. But at Superhairpieces, we are here to help you. We make the entire hair duplication process simple and easy for your convenience. You don't need to worry about switching your look.

Superhairpieces can duplicate ANY hairpiece for men and women, even your unit from Hair Direct. All you need to do is send us your old hairpiece as a sample, and we will replicate the same base, hair color, hair length, etc. We can also add more features, like grey percentage, that you would like to include to your new hair piece. Our high-quality hairpieces will ensure you look better than ever.

Click this link to learn more about this service: Hairpiece Duplication Service

Customization at its finest


Each individual is unique, and so are their preferences and requirements. Superhairpieces caters to every person’s hairpiece needs to give them their most desired unit. With a wide array of customization options from hair color, texture, length, base material, and size, customers can tailor their hairpiece according to their specific needs, ensuring a perfect match and fit.

Premium Quality Beyond Comparison

One of the primary reasons discerning customers choose Superhairpieces is our unwavering commitment to quality. Every aspect of our meticulously created hair systems, hairpieces, and hair extensions, from materials to craftsmanship, speaks volumes about our dedication to providing undetectable, natural-looking hairpieces.

Using premium-grade materials ensures that customers receive not just a hairpiece but a piece of art that seamlessly blends in with their natural hair, both in appearance and texture.

Customer-centred, affordable pricing

Superhairpieces has a hairpiece for everyone. This has been the driving force behind us always keeping our customers happy. We provide high-quality hairpieces for women and men at prices that suit every budget— even influencing our contemporaries to do the same, thereby benefiting customers at large.

Large inventory, innovation and adaptability

At a time when Covid was raging a war on humanity and burying huge businesses (like Hair Direct) in the ground, Superhairpieces became a forerunner in the hair industry. We didn't just rise above the problem, but with the help of our factories, we invented a new line of ‘Basic’ products to help keep many worried customers afloat and get their hair systems when many other companies failed to deliver. We didn't just thrive but kept customers happy and satisfied even during the most challenging times.

Our extensive inventory includes a vast line of hair toupees for men, wigs, hair toppers for women, and hair piece supplies like wig tapes and glues. We promise you will not feel the absence of Hair Direct!

Unparalleled live customer service

customer service

Beyond the quality of our products, Superhairpieces excels in customer service. The team is based in Canada and the U.S. and is dedicated to providing unparalleled live support to our much-valued clientele.

We don't believe in only communicating with our clients through messages and emails that get delayed responses. Instead, we know customers need a good flow of instant communication to speak to the person and resolve their issues immediately. So, we guide customers on call or live chat through the selection process while offering advice and ensuring satisfaction at every step.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and happiness goes beyond just the sale; it extends to fostering long-term relationships built on trust and reliability.

If you are confused about which hair system to choose, you can always book a live online video consultation with us for the best matching hair units and to clarify any doubts you may have regarding hair systems for men.

Continuous offers to save your precious $$$

Even though our human hairpieces are highly affordable and pocket-friendly, we know everyone likes to save a little more. So, why wait for special offers like Black Friday and Cyber Monday when you can get fresh offers every week?

Check this link for more information about our weekly offers

Trying out a new company for top-notch hair systems, supplies, and services can be daunting in the world of hair restoration and solutions, mainly if you are already accustomed to another company. Among the myriad options, Superhairpieces stands out as a beacon of excellence and reliability, offering a seamless and unmatched experience for Hair Direct customers.

We encourage you to take your first steps towards Superhairpieces’ natural-looking human hair systems, crafted to conceal any hair loss areas perfectly, and we promise you will not regret it! With Superhairpieces, it's not just about buying a product; it's about investing in confidence, comfort, and a partner in the journey towards reclaiming one's natural look and self-assurance.

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