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Most Popular Men's Hair Systems Found in the Hair Replacement Industry

Most Popular Men's Hair Systems Found in the Hair Replacement Industry

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jan 03, 2021

Every company has its own set of models and Superhairpieces is no different. What makes them all unique is the types of hair models they offer. Some hair companies offer more of a wider range of a specific material (their specialty) and some hair companies offer many different versions of many different materials, in many different combinations. Superhairpieces fall in the latter of the two.

At Superhairpieces, our men’s hair systems are curated to have the most basic models to models with a combination of at least 2 different materials used to create a very unique hair system.

In this article, we’ll be discussing more of the popular hair systems commonly found in the hair replacement industry.


This is one of the most durable hair systems for men that is still quite popular. It typically holds the most density and can last for a year if well maintained. For clients who are typically on a cost-effective budget and love plenty of density, this is the best choice. Although it is the least natural-looking.

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This hair system is very similar to the first model, except the poly taping area is a skin material. Therefore this is much thinner and less durable around the perimeter. At most, a well-maintained wearer can hold on to these specific models for 9 months before the skin perimeter starts to crack. However, due to the skin perimeter, this hair system is slightly more natural-looking than the first model.

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This is an entire base made with thin layers of polyurethane. Layers are piled on top of each other until the desired thickness is achieved to hold the right amount of density and provide that natural look of skin for hair wearers. There is no lace material on a full skin base.

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The lace family has quite a bit in its category. This material here was the first lace material used to achieve a natural look without any poly perimeter. It was quite the breakthrough in the hair replacement industry (back in the day). To shape this material, manufacturers would use laser technology to get the right cut and frame. The material resembles and feels like a screen door except with smaller gaps or holes. Fine welded mono lace is the most durable lace material that can be worn without any perimeter enclosures.

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French lace is the second most durable lace material that provides more of a natural look. However, this lace material would at most last up to 6 months if well maintained before the material starts to tear. It is currently one of the most popular choices for a full lace base hair system for men because of the breathability, flexibility and natural-looking.

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This material is one of the most natural-looking materials on the market but is the most fragile of all the lace materials mentioned thus far. At most, wearers can achieve a maximum of 3 months before they start to see the wear and tear, and this is with a well-maintained hair system. Most of the time, wearers are getting only 1 to 2 months with swiss lace bases. Often so, this material cannot hold so much weight from the hair, most factories produce swiss lace hair systems with lighter densities.

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Poly paint perimeter is just a small thin layer of polyurethane that is lightly layered on top of lace material. Think of it as adding a thin layer of glue on a piece of paper. That shiny residue is what is on the lace materials. This method of design is typically used on full lace base systems and just added to the sides and back for ease of attachment. However, this added layer of poly acts as a protection around the edges to avoid tearing of the lace. This design provides all the natural look at the front hairline like any other full lace hair systems but just with added durability around the sides and back.

Check out M106 & M116

These hair systems are just some of the most common hair systems you will find in the hair replacement industry, they are quite popular too. Therefore, when deciding which base you’d like to go with comparing prices and quality with these toupees will help in determining which brand to commit to on a long-term basis. This is important if you are committed to wearing men's hair systems and toupees, as each brand has its standards with curating hair units.

At Superhairpieces, we strive for quality with affordability. However, we always encourage wearers to do their best to research what’s best for them.

For more information on our men’s hair systems, visit our website at Superhairpieces (US & International) or (CAN)


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