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Lace vs. Skin vs. Mono: The Different Hairpiece Bases Explained

Lace vs. Skin vs. Mono: The Different Hairpiece Bases Explained

Posted by Superhairpieces on Apr 30, 2021

The world of hair replacement systems can be daunting, especially if you’re just dipping your toes into it. Not only are there different kinds of hairpieces — there are also different base materials which can be a struggle to wrap your head around initially.

However, you need not worry. We at Superhairpieces have provided this guide to explain all the different hairpiece and wig bases along with their pros and cons.

Lace Base Hair Pieces

#Lace base hair system

One of the most popular bases is the full lace base. This is when wigs or toupees use lace material throughout the base which is tied with human or synthetic hair.

They are particularly beneficial due to the hairline being virtually invisible. This essentially gives you the most natural looking look with your family, friends or peers being unable to tell if you're even wearing a hair replacement system!

Additionally, they are lightweight, breathable and very soft making them a popular option for those looking at non-surgical hair replacement systems. However, they can be delicate so they not only carry less hair density — the volume of hair — but are not very durable as a whole. In addition, the knots can be visible while there is plenty of maintenance required as far as attaching, removing and cleaning them.

People dealing with hair loss also have the option of getting French lace or Swiss lace with their units. French lace units are less natural looking but provide great durability while Swiss lace units are more natural looking but aren’t as durable in comparison to the former.

Some of our most popular full lace units include the M105 and the M115.

Skin base - Thin Skin Hair System

#Skin base hair system

Skin bases are known to be the thinnest or lightest bases available on the market. Made entirely of pure polyurethane material, the synthetic or human hair is directly knotted onto the poly and is sealed off by layers of more clear polyskin. The thinner the skin base, the more natural it looks on the skin while they are also the easiest to attach and remove in addition to being comfortable.

However, because of its thickness, they are not very durable — with the exception of the M101 which is 8 mils thick with the hair knotted on — while the thinner bases come with a v-loop knot which makes them extremely natural looking. However, they are also delicate as a result and only last a couple of weeks as a disposable hair piece. They are also not very breathable so they are not the most ideal option for those in warmer climates.

Among our most popular skin base units are the M101 and the HD111.

Monofilament Base Toupee

#Monofilament base hair system

Monofilament bases are one of the more durable as far as hair system bases go. This is when individual hairs are tied to a mesh material which gives the illusion of hair growing from the scalp.

They are soft and comfortable to wear while they tend to have a longer lifespan than lace or skin bases because of their strength. As a result, they can hold greater hair density and are ideal for those looking to wear hair systems on a more semi-permanent basis. That said, they are not as breathable as a lace wig.

Our most popular mono base systems include the M100 and the M108 and the M112.

Hair System Base Material Pros vs. Cons

Different hair system base material chart

#Other base options

A more enhanced version of a full lace base is the lace with poly base which provides more durability while it’s also easier to attach.

A more enhanced version of the mono base is the lace front base which provides the most natural looking front hairline thanks to the undetectable lace.

Which hair system base material should I choose?

As for which hair system base material is right for you ultimately depends on your needs and your lifestyle.

Hopefully, the above information has given you a better understanding of the different materials and which ones might be suitable for you.


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