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Joe Biden's Hair Transplant: A Case in Point to Turn to Hair Systems

Joe Biden's Hair Transplant: A Case in Point to Turn to Hair Systems

Posted by Superhairpieces on May 16, 2023

All the money and power in the world can not give you a full head of hair forever! Joe Biden, the 46th and current president of the United States, is a classic example of this situation.

Joe Biden has been in the public eye since the start of his political career decades ago. Over the years, tons of media images prove his thinning hair and receding hairline, with visible bald spots as early as his late 20s. His growing androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness (a common problem affecting millions of men worldwide), led him to undergo a hair transplant some years later.

What is hair transplantation?

What is hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is a procedure that involves the patient’s own healthy hair being implanted into areas of hair loss, thinning hair, or balding areas of the crown or scalp. These hair shafts are usually taken from the back of the head, leaving enough hair in the donor area. If the donor area is insufficient, the surgeons extract hair from the beard or chest to achieve the highest number of grafts possible.

Patients usually get a full head of their own hair for an extended period of time, but even this is not a permanent procedure, and its success depends on several factors.

Did Joe Biden only have one hair transplant?

Joe Biden initial hair transplantation

The initial hair transplant procedure was done to combat his hair loss, and the hair plugs proved beneficial for some time, suddenly giving him a full head of hair.

However, hair loss caused by male pattern baldness never stops. It keeps expanding to the point where there will not be enough hair-bearing skin with hair shafts to cover the extending balding area. This is precisely what happened with Joe Biden. His hair plugs started looking unnatural on his hairline, so he underwent an FUE or DHI hair transplant in later years in the hope of complete coverage of his balding scalp. But his pictures are proof of his multiple hair replacement surgeries being a colossal failure after all.

Currently, we can see the first half of his head has moderate hair coverage, while his crown is definitely bald!

So why is he not going in for another hair replacement surgery?

One of the reasons is that he needs more hair in the donor area. Due to a shortage of hair at the back of his head, courtesy of age and previous hair transplants, he might not be able to compensate for the frontal hair loss anymore. This had left his previous hair transplant grafts or lines exposed and unpleasant in appearance. However, he has managed to cover them up now.

What went wrong with his hair transplant surgeries?

What went wrong with Joe Biden hair transplant surgeries

There are several problems with his hair transplant. During his initial hair transplant surgery, he got a lovely hairline according to his age at the time, but due to poor long-term planning, further hair loss, age, and a naturally receding hairline were not considered, making him have a poorly designed front hairline currently that is too low for someone with progressive hair loss. It is too broad for this stage of hair loss and does not go hand in hand with that huge balding spot on his crown. So now he has a sizable balding area that needs more coverage, but he does not have enough donor grafts to cover the crown and restore a decent head of hair.

Learning points from his experience

  • Hair transplants are not successful in the long run.
  • Receding hair, male pattern baldness, or hair loss never really stops, so there is no permanent solution to hair loss.
  • A good hairline will look good at any age.

Hair transplants are a popular solution for those suffering from hair loss, but they are not without risks. Biden's hair transplant is a case in point. The procedure left him with a less-than-desirable outcome.

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So what is a more reliable solution to hair loss problems?

A hair system may be a viable solution if you are considering a hair transplant or have had one that did not yield the desired results. With advances in technology and materials, men’s hair systems have become a popular and effective option for men looking to improve their appearance and regain confidence with a younger look.

Hair systems, wigs, and toupees have existed for centuries. They offer an instant, safer, cheaper, and more reliable alternative to hair transplants and can provide an effective solution for those who want a full head of hair instantly.

The benefits of men’s hair systems are many. They are non-invasive, do not require surgery, and do not involve scarring or irreparable hairlines. Hair systems for men can be easily removed and replaced, allowing for customization and versatility. You can use them in conjunction with hair growth medication as well.

You can switch up your look with the many colors, textures, types, and base options for a new style every time. Human hair systems for men are comfortable, durable, and natural-looking.

At Superhairpieces, you will find a hair system matching your natural hair. We can also tailor it to your specific needs. Each of our hair units is designed to provide full coverage for any kind of hair loss - big or small.

Joe Biden's hair transplant gone wrong is a reminder that hair transplants are not always the best solution for everyone. They are only affordable for some. Superhairpieces has a hair system for every budget. Reclaim your confidence and self-esteem with our fabulous human hairpieces for men with an excellent gray percentage to give you a natural look that suits your age so you can always look your best.

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