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Full French & Swiss Lace Toupees For A Natural & Breathable Look

Full French & Swiss Lace Toupees For A Natural & Breathable Look

Posted by Superhairpieces on May 01, 2023

For people who wear non surgical hair replacement systems, getting a natural and undetectable look is of the utmost importance. After all, having a very obvious looking system could be quite an embarrassing situation. So if you are contemplating a new hair system, you may want to consider our full French and Swiss lace toupees.

Superhairpieces offers a number of full lace men’s toupees made with French or Swiss lace that offer the most realistic scalp-like appearance throughout the entire head rather than just the front hairline. They come with a breathability and comfort that is missing in skin based models. If you lead an active lifestyle or live in warmer regions, you definitely need our men’s collection of full lace human hair replacement systems.

Some of our toupees are designed to have double lace for extra durability and extra strength. All our full lace hair systems give versatile hairstyling options as the human hair on them can be parted and styled in many ways without the fear of the base being noticed or looking awkward.

They are lightweight, soft, and look great. This makes them one of the most popular bases amongst hair system users. Apart from being natural looking when placed against the scalp, they can be delicate with less dense hair and will need proper maintenance, attachment, removal, and cleaning techniques.

What is a French lace base?

Most full lace hair systems use French lace. These units are natural looking and provide good durability. French lace is soft and flexible, so it stretches out enough to fit the areas needed. Being one of the most natural looking bases, it does not have a shine, and blends well into the skin undetected. It is also extremely breathable, but prone to tears.

What is a Swiss lace base?

Swiss lace units are very similar to French lace but are even more natural looking. However, Swiss lace is more delicate and does not hold as much hair as French lace. It is made of a lighter material and is more flexible, so one needs to be extremely careful with this type of material lest it tear quickly.

Superhairpieces full French/Swiss lace based models:



This is one of our most popular full lace hair units. The M105 is made with a super soft French lace that gives a great natural look and comfort. It allows styling options such as spiky hair thanks to the extra 10% hair density at the front.



The M105BF has all the same features as the original M105. The only difference is the colorless knots in the front. BF stands for the bleached front knots. These are pre-bleached knots in the front hairline of the system. By just bleaching the front, you prevent causing any damage to the whole system with the bleaching process, and are able to ensure the front hairline treatment gets the time and attention it needs. Therefore, you have the colorless roots in the front without any quality damage.

The M105BF is ideal for those who prefer a natural look with lighter hair colors. This base is made up of a soft and comfortable French lace material that also comes with an extra 10% density in the font.



HD stands for Higher Density. This full French Lace hair system has a medium density, so if you are looking for a base that's similar to M105 but has more hair then the HD105 is your best bet. It maintains the natural look of the M105, but with a higher density of 120%. Its contours are also more shallow, but the overall unit can be sized down.



The HD105BF is the perfect hairpiece for those who want a natural looking French lace hair system with bleached front knots for those lighter hair colors. This human hair toupee comes with 120% hair density and is also breathable, making it ideal for those with an active lifestyle.



This Swiss Lace toupee is super comfortable and natural looking, with 100% light to medium-light density in the front and 90% light density through the rest for hairstyles that require more volume at the front

Choose any of the above hair systems for a realistic look with breathable comfort.

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