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Fine welded mono and super fine welded mono lace explained

Fine welded mono and super fine welded mono lace explained

Posted by Superhairpieces on Aug 26, 2022

Lace hair systems are some of the most in-demand hairpieces out there and with good reason. Lace material is light, breathable and very natural-looking. This makes it ideal for those who want a realistic look with their hair system on as well as those who are active, work out or live in a hot or humid environment.

The two main and popular types include French lace hair systems and Swiss lace hair systems, though they are not very durable as a whole. However, there are also different types of lace systems and materials that provide features such as durability. In this blog, we will be looking at fine welded monofilament lace and super fine welded monofilament lace in particular. What are they? What are the differences and which units should you purchase if you’re interested? Keep on reading to learn more!

What is fine mono lace?

Before we talk about the welded systems, we need to first learn about fine mono lace. Fine mono lace systems are the most durable lace systems we offer at Superhairpieces. This is where the fine monofilament threads are woven into each other and need to be enclosed with another material (lace).

They are more durable than a regular French or Swiss lace system as the holes are in the shape of a square rather than a honeycomb. This prevents the system from stretching as much, making it less prone to tearing and more durable as a whole. However, it also means it is less breathable. They still remain natural-looking…but with one drawback.

“The only thing that’s a drawback for me with mono laces that I don’t like is they’re knotted in a certain way that if someone wants to style it, it doesn’t swoosh or sit as nicely,” Superhairpieces stylist Christina says. “It kind of reverts back to the way it’s knotted. So it’s actually harder to make the style to stay.

“The lace [hole] is square so they can only knot hairs in certain directions whereas with a Swiss or French lace, it’s a honeycomb so there’s more areas they can knot it. There’s different corners where they can knot it so it flows better whereas with the square, they only have the four corners to knot it to make it flow. … It’s still doable but a little more work.”

What is a fine welded mono lace hair system?

Fine welded mono lace is the second-most durable lace system we offer at Superhairpieces. Compared to a fine mono lace, fine welded mono lace systems do not need any binding. Why is this the case? As the name implies, the mono threads are welded onto each other. Think of a window screen and that’s what you’re looking at with a fine welded mono lace system. The holes are much further apart from each other which also makes it a much more breathable system compared to a regular fine mono lace system.

The welded mono threads also provide much more durability than a regular French or Swiss lace system while the lace contributes to the natural-looking appearance of the system. One disadvantage with fine welded mono lace hairpieces, though, is that it has a bit of shine to it which is especially noticeable under bright lights. This can not only affect how natural-looking the unit is, but also give away the fact that you’re wearing a toupee in the first place. With that said, you can also use a wig tape like No Shine Tape or liquid adhesive to get around this problem.

What are the best fine welded mono lace hair replacement systems?

Fine Welded Mono Lace Toupee

If you’re interested in a somewhat durable yet natural-looking hairpiece, a fine welded mono lace hair system may just be exactly what you’re looking for. At Superhairpieces, we offer two fine welded mono lace units. The first is the M103 Fine Welded Mono Lace men’s toupee. It comes in a size of 7.5’’x10’’ and can hold 120% medium hair density providing plenty of volume and hair coverage using high quality Indian Remy hair. This unit can last approximately 2-3 months, but possibly longer with the proper care and maintenance.

The other unit is the M107 Fine Welded Mono Lace with Poly men’s toupee. This unit comes in a size of 7.5’’x9.5’’ and holds 110% light to medium hair density using high quality Indian Remy hair. However, it is more durable than the M103 system as it is constructed with 1'' of poly skin beveled edges that go side to side across the back. Additionally, there is a poly tape tab on the front. The presence of this poly material not only helps make the hairpiece easy to install and remove, but provides that extra bit of durability lacking in the M103. As a result, the M107 can last approximately 3-6 months with the right care.

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What is a super fine welded mono lace hair system?

You know what a fine welded mono lace system is, but what about a super fine welded mono lace system? Both are very similar as far as their construction is concerned as they don’t need to be enclosed with another material as the mono threads are welded onto each other. The main difference is that with the latter, more delicate fibers are welded in a finer and closely knit proximity. This means that in addition to single knots being used throughout the system instead of just the front, super fine welded mono lace units are also more natural-looking with a lighter hair density than a fine welded mono lace system. This, however, comes at the cost of durability as it is more delicate and can tear more easily.

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“[Super fine welded mono lace systems] are thinner [than fine welded] but still more durable than Swiss lace systems,” Christina said.

What are the best super fine welded lace mono hair replacement systems?

Super fine welded mono lace hairpiece

Superhairpieces offers two super fine welded mono lace systems. The first is the M110 super fine welded lace hairpiece. It comes in a size of 8’’x10’’ and holds 90% light hair density using single knots of high quality Indian Remy hair throughout the unit. It can last approximately 2-3 months with the right care.

The second is the M110P super fine welded lace hairpiece with clear poly painting perimeter. It is similar to the regular M110 model, but comes with zig-zag shaped poly skin painting across the front. This not only adds slightly more durability than the M110, but makes the unit much easier to attach and remove with glue or tape. It provides an additional benefit for the hair as well.

“M110P has the poly. It’s extra durability and if they have tape or liquid adhesive, it doesn’t go through into the lace and get the hair all sticky. The poly kind of helps prevent that from happening,” Christina said.


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