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How to deal with Hair Shedding Issues on Lace Systems

How to deal with Hair Shedding Issues on Lace Systems

Posted by Superhairpieces on Aug 09, 2019

         Nothing lasts forever, we get it. We know it. But what’s frustrating is getting something new and then it just does not last as long as you hope. At Superhairpieces, we have clients that are just that frustrated with the industry and its hair shedding issues. We all know these hair systems do not last a very long time, but with proper care and maintenance it can last a little longer than average.

          For lace bases such as Swiss, French, & Welded Monos, shedding usually occurs a lot more quickly than a full skin or a mono top system. (Check out the differences in lace here) A few reasons for this is that too much hair can be too heavy on the lace. Also, the material is lightweight and the holes are spread out much further. To get the density people desire sometimes we have to knot a few strands into that one hole. When you have too much hair in one knot, any moisture that seeps through the knots will loosen it causing the hair to shed. Therefore, reducing density especially in custom orders are a good choice. For stock units, keep reading there are other ways to work around hair shedding issues.

          The lifestyle of the wearer can also affect the durability of these units. How a person maintains anything will always determine the lifespan of any products. We have clients that maintain their units so well, they take it off daily, they do not shower with it, they keep their skin dry etc, that they order once every three months. Then we have clients who play sports, go swimming, wash their units daily, dye their units etc and would have to get a new system every month. That is why it is always hard to determine how long these units really last on a person as they differ on a client per client basis.

          Another factor could be your body chemistry. Those who sweat often, creates moisture and oil between the hair system and the scalp. When the hair system gets soaked in with the body’s oil, the knots start to loosen up. Typically, when attachment occurs, clients can add a knot sealer before applying any adhesive, or create a thin barrier with glue. But with the glue option, when removing the unit, it can be messy.

         When hair shedding occurs, we like to provide clients with another base as their solution. Otherwise, we just advise them that they may have to purchase a lace system more often than the average industry. The next best collection of hair systems that we suggest is going with a mono top. Clients who love the lace in the front of their systems, should go for the M104 or M109 ( Depending on size). These units are twice as durable as any french lace system, and the french lace front still gives the same natural look. Of course, we do have other options. If having an invisible front is most concerning, than checking out our bleach front knot collection would be a good choice.

Just to summarize things, we provided the 3 major issues of shedding and the recommended solution

1.) Too Much Density - with custom orders, lowering the density would prevent excessive hair falling out. With stock systems, a knot sealer is definitely your go to!

2.) Lifestyle of the Wearer - depending on the wear and tear of the systems will also depend on the longevity. We recommend changing the system to fit your lifestyle, or changing the maintenance routine to prevent shedding.

3.) Body Chemistry - a person’s sweat and oils can loosen up the knots at the bottom of the unit. We recommend adding a knot sealer or changing the system to a mono top. 

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