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Top 5 Lace Materials Used in the Industry

Top 5 Lace Materials Used in the Industry

Posted by Superhairpieces on May 30, 2019

Differences In Lace Materials

Fine Mono

Fine Mono Lace

Fine Mono Lace is one of our most durable laces. It is the only material that needs to be closed off with another material. This is because Fine Mono threads are woven into each other almost like a wooden easter basket. If it is not enclosed with anything the threads start to come apart making the unit completely unwearable. The most popular binding is the poly coating or poly skin materials. This binding is great for tape and glue adhesion. You can find out more on the differences of poly here.

Glue and tape, should never be placed on the fine mono part of units. That is because the threads are woven in close making this material less breathable than other laces. Any adhesion on the mono part restricts air passing through, causing the wearer’s body temperature to become more warm and perspire quickly. The perspiration from the wearer can then cause the knots to loosen & lose its quality more quickly.

Fine Mono are found in our Men’s Model: M100, M102, M112, M104, M109

Women’s Model: P46, P44, P6818, EV5706, EV3608, MO7608 & More

Fine Welded Mono

Fine Welded Mono Lace

Fine Welded Mono Lace is our 2nd most durable lace. This lace does not require any binding as the threads are welded onto each other- similar to a screen window. The holes are made farther apart making the unit more breathable than a fine mono lace material. The only downfall to this material is that it has a shine to it. Under the light, sometimes others can see that shine making is less natural looking. However, you can put both tape and glue on this material.

Fine welded mono are found in our Men’s Models: M107, M103

Superfine Welded Mono

Superfine Welded Mono

Superfine Welded Mono is very similar to the fine welded mono in terms of how it is made. The real difference between these two materials is that the Superfine welded mono is made with more delicate fibers welded in a more finer and closely knit proximity. This allows the single strand single knot technique to be used throughout the system, instead of just the front like other systems. This knotting technique provides the natural look with light density. The only con to this material is that it is more delicate than the fine welded mono, and therefore can easily tear more quickly. Nonetheless, is it a natural looking material that is used only for the M110.

French Lace

French lace

French lace is commonly used in many hair systems. In fact it is the most popular material in the industry right now. It is a light material and very flexible. Meaning it can stretch out enough to fit the areas needed. Also, this is one of the most natural looking materials. It does not have a shine, and blends well into the skin undetected the best part it is completely breathable. The only downfall to this material is that because it is a lace material, it may be prone to tears. One must be careful as to how they handle their system with French lace.

French lace are found in Men’s Model: M105, M106, HD105, M104, M159

Women’s Model: P45, TL6814

Swiss Lace

Swiss lace

Swiss lace is very similar to French lace. It is also a popular material in the industry right now. The only difference between a French lace and a swiss lace is that the swiss lace is more delicate and does not hold has much hair as the french lace. It is a lighter material and more flexible. But one needs to be extremely careful with this type of material. Most of the time clients can get a good month or two out before having to purchase a new unit in this material

French lace are found in Men’s Model: M115, M116, M118, M162

Women’s Model: Queen18, Hollywood & Bella wigs

Every company has a different name for their lace systems. How they are made within each company does also differ. However, we gathered the Top 3 Major Hair System Brands for Men, and compared their terminologies.

How the Top 3 major mens hair system brands name their lace System

 Onrite New Image Superhairpieces
 EZ-On Lace  Fine welded Mono  Fine welded Mono
 M Mesh  Fine Mono  Mono Silk/Fine Mono
 Super-Fine Ez-OnMesh  Micro Mesh 2000  Super fine welded mono lace
 French Lace  French Lace  French Lace
 Super-Fine French Lace  Super-Fine French Lace  Swiss Lace
 Flower Lace  Diamond lace  


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