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Discover Medium Density Lace Toupee

Discover Medium Density Lace Toupee

Posted by Superhairpieces on Nov 04, 2020

Let us help you solve the headache of light lace unit density issues with M103, HD105, & M106L

Lace (toupee) systems are a fan favourite to many wearers. They are light, breathable, and one of the most natural looking materials when placed against the scalp. But, what is common in these lace systems is the light density.

For many, they love that natural light density look, but as their hair starts to thin out; age gets the best of them. For others, it’s annoying when you still have so much hair on the sides and back that thin lace density units just don’t cut it.

As you know Superhairpieces loves feedback from their consumers and one of them was to have more density in to help solve the headache of low density lace units we have Medium Density Toupee that provide you the density you need with the natural look you want.

These medium lace density family consists of the M103, HD105, M106L.

The M103 is a fine welded mono as the HD105 & M106L are french lace base systems. To find out the differences in these materials Click Here.

Fine Welded Mono Lace Toupee

M103 Full Fine Welded Mono is a 7.5 x 10” base that can be easily cut down to any size. With a medium density of 120% it provides you the natural look you need.


French Lace Toupee

HD105 is very similar to the M105 except that it has more density & the contour is more shallow. This is a full lace base with medium density (120%). So if you have tried the M105 and noticed that the unit is too thin, than upgrading to the HD105 could be the answer you were looking for. This unit is an 8”x10”, shallow contour, A-shape front and can be cut down to any size like the M105.


French Lace Poly Back Toupee

The M106L is larger in size than the M106. Although the base design is the same, the size and the density are different. It is an 8 ”x 10” french lace base but with a 1” poly on the sides and 1.5” on the back, so it can be cut down to a 7” x 9. It has a shallow contour like the M106. The density is an overall 120% (medium density). If you are needed that extra density on this popular base model than this is definitely the unit for you.

Lace units not your cup of tea? Don’t worry we have many more stock units to choose from! (US & International) (CAN)

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