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Did Justin Bieber Get a Hair Transplant?

Did Justin Bieber Get a Hair Transplant?

Posted by Santana Fell on Apr 22, 2024

Justin Bieber, the baby-faced singer who shot to fame in his early teens, has wowed us not only with his vocal talent but also with his changing hairstyles and hair colours over the years.

From his signature side-swept hair to dreadlocks, buzz cuts, and everything in between, Justin has kept us intrigued by his hairstyles, songs, fashion sense, and life choices.

To say many fans are obsessed with him would be an understatement!

The Peaches singer has practically grown up in front of the cameras and been chased by paparazzi. Now a 30-year-old, Justin has been no newbie to making headlines or receiving public backlash since the beginning of his career at 13.

We have seen him go through significant ups and downs, achieving career milestones and personal goals. We’ve cheered him through his famous public first relationship, mourned their breakup, were speechless about his sudden marriage, and were concerned about his daunting Ramsay Hunt syndrome phase. We almost root for him!

Among all the things we could have anticipated about his life, hair loss and hair transplantation weren't on that list. But it shouldn't be surprising, considering his genes have androgenic alopecia, and there has been a sharp rise in young men experiencing hair thinning and receding hairlines.

When did Justin Bieber start showing signs of hair loss?

Justin Bieber

Justin started showing definite signs of a receding hairline in his later teens, but visible signs of hair loss became prominent when he began sporting pulled-back hairstyles a few years back.

Cut to 2021-2023, when he and his hat, hood, and bandanas seemed inseparable, even indoors. That was when rumours of a possible hair transplantation started doing the rounds, suggesting concealment of a fresh hair transplant in the frontal-temple angles of his hairline, probably due to an FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction procedure.

Is Justin Bieber going bald?

Not yet, at least. If you look at his pictures over the years, it's not difficult to notice that each year, there were more concrete signs of hair regression, with some dermatologists even confirming that he was a definite Norwood Scale 2 of male pattern baldness.

Hair loss, hair thinning, and male pattern baldness are increasing in younger males. Statistics say many guys show irreparable hair loss before the age of 21.

Why did Justin Bieber start losing hair?

hair transplant

From his early days in the spotlight, Bieber has experimented with various hair colours, styles, and lengths. His hair has undergone significant changes, not just in style but also in density and hairline appearance. However, changes in one's hair can result from numerous factors, including natural aging, health, stress levels, and styling damage.

Contemplating Bieber's hair evolution over the years, he had been showing signs of androgenic alopecia signs since 2017. Bleaching his hair multiple times and carrying out heavy deadlocks that pull on hair strands must have aggravated it further. His tight braids added to the stress on the hair strands, too. Considering genetics might have also had a hand in the degradation of his hairline, added stress and medication could all have played equal parts in his deeply regressed sides with a prominent forelock.

How did Justin Bieber suddenly get a thicker hairline in 2023?

non-surgical hair replacement

2023 finally saw Justin’s hat days bid goodbye to the public eye. The slight but sudden alteration in his hairline didn't go unnoticed by eagle-eyed fans. Several pictures comparing his earlier days to more recent times suggested a fuller hairline, making the rumour mill go into a complete frenzy, swirling around the question, ‘Did Justin Bieber get a hair transplant?’

Did Justin Bieber get a hair transplant?

Justin's hairline was less recessed and dense in February 2023 than in his original hair. Despite widespread speculation, Justin Bieber, one of this generation's most beloved pop icons, did not officially confirm this.

Assuming he did not have a hair transplant or a minimally invasive procedure to recover his receding hairline, he may have used topical fibres, changed hairstyles to cover the sides, or used concealers for coverage.

However, no one's natural hairline decides to return to full bloom. Looking at his hairline over the years, one can see that he has likely had hair restoration surgery. No level of medication can get a scalloped hairline back to straight-ish. The shape of the hairline usually does not change with medical therapy either. He likely used a combination of meds, surgery, and cover-up methods to get his hairline to almost its former glory.

If he did go through any hair transplant procedure, then he is only one among the long list of celebrities worldwide who are believed to have gone under the knife or opted for non-surgical hair replacement systems:

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Is a hair transplant for you?

Many young men are facing the dreaded situation of hair loss that crushes their confidence and makes them very conscious of their appearance to the point where they feel embarrassed among peers and society and develop serious self-worth issues.

If you are a young man in a similar situation of hair loss, hair thinning, or receding hairline, you can ask a dermatologist for advice. However, keep in mind that medications like Finasteride and Minoxidil, commonly used in treating hair loss, sometimes mess up your system, preventing you from enjoying life wholeheartedly.

Not everyone can afford a transplant, given the staggering cost and side effects involved. And when medications pose so much risk, where do you turn?

If you are looking for a simple and instant non-surgical hair loss solution that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Human hair toupees for men are non-surgical hair replacement systems that instantly provide a full head of hair. Superhairpieces’ toupees are so realistic that no one would be able to tell you are wearing a system.

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