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Decoding The Buzz Around G-Wefts

Decoding The Buzz Around G-Wefts

Posted by Superhairpieces on Feb 15, 2023

If you haven’t yet heard of the newest trend in the hair extensions industry, then this is your chance!

Every other year we see new types of hair extensions launch, but none of them have created a buzz among the stylist community as much as this one has. We are talking about our G Wefts! G-Wefts are the newest members of the Weft family line.

Understanding wefts


A hair weft is basically a collection of hair strands sewn together onto a strip of cloth. This makes it easy to use and ready to install onto your natural hair, whether by yourself or by your stylist. The weft may be on varying sizes of cloth, and the hair strands are usually sewn on by machines (machine wefts) or manually by hand (hand-tied wefts).

What are wefts used for?

Wefts are probably the most popularly used type of hair extension. You can do so much with wefts; you can cut down to size, add clips, tape, glue, integrate into another hair system, and sew on for daily to permanent attachments. They have always been an old-school type of hair extension, yet over decades, they’ve proved to be a valuable asset in the hair industry. Wefts are remarkable for creating a voluminous look for you to flaunt. With the many attachment methods available, you can never really get enough of them.

Superhairpieces always aims to provide our clients with the highest quality products in the latest trends. We invented G-Weft human hair extensions with the spirit of innovation and the motive of creating convenience for hair stylists and our clients.

What are G-wefts and what makes them special?


G-Wefts are human hair extensions made with machines very similar to machine wefts, however, their band is just as thin as the hand-tied weft, if not thinner. With G-Wefts, you get the best of both worlds at a more affordable price. This means less heaviness and bulk at the scalp than machine wefts, but with the added volume and durability that you just can’t get in a hand-tied weft.

The G-Weft’s band is consistent throughout, so there’s no unevenness like you would see and feel in a hand-tied or machine-weft band. The best part is it can hold a ton of hair like our most historic machine weft which stood the test of time.

This type of hair extension is ideal for those with fine, thin hair or even those people with thicker hair, as they are extremely lightweight, natural-looking, almost invisible, and undetectable. They are easy to use as they do not shed hair or have knots.

That’s what makes G-Wefts special. They provide all that you want to achieve with a weft! Now you need not settle between a natural band or voluminous hair. G-Wefts are a fantastic solution that gives you both.

How to use G-Wefts?


G-Wefts are perfect for creating the hairstyle you want, you can attach it just like you would any machine weft and/or hand-tied weft. You can glue it on, sew it onto your braids, integrate it into a wig or topper, attach with beads, cut it into as many pieces as you like, or add those clips. The possibilities are endless.

Where can I get G-Wefts from?

Superhairpieces offer G-Wefts band thickness between 0.80-0.85mm ((band length around 40 inches when opened). They come in 100 grams packs in 20-inch hair length with blended 6A quality. You can choose between 7 popular colors to create the style you want!

We take pre-orders for any quality, length, and color, not in stock. For more information on how to pre-order or order the G-Wefts, please visit our website or call us at 1-866-814-7879.

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