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Comparison of Full French Lace Hair Systems

Comparison of Full French Lace Hair Systems

Posted by Superhairpieces on Nov 03, 2020

In the next Pro Series, we have the Full French Lace Hair Systems. The M105 & HD105.

The M105 has both new models in their line – M105BF & M105PRO.

As you can see in the chart below you have the M105BF has all the same features as the original M105. The only difference is the colorless roots in front.

The M105BF is the most popular requested model to have the pre-bleached knots in front. What makes this extremely different, from just bleaching the front at home or at the salon is that you prevent further damaging the treatment that is put on at the final stage of production. Therefore, you have the colorless roots in front without any quality damage.

Now the M105PRO has all the features of the M105BF with it’s colorless front hairline but the key difference is the nano-technology invisible knots throughout the entire base and also made with our top premium hair.

To learn more about the key features of the pro series

french lace hair systems
Another Full French Lace Hair System that is still available at Superhairpieces is the HD105. The key difference between the M105 and HD105 is the density and the contour. The M105 has a light to medium density and the HD105 has a medium density. Also, the M105 has a deep contour while the HD105 is shallow.

With the HD105, unfortunately there is no PRO for this model, however it does have the BF & is part of the PERM Series.

See the chart below to compare the HD105 & HD105BF.

french lace hair systems for men
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