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Can You Fix A Tear in Your Toupee?

Can You Fix A Tear in Your Toupee?

Posted by Santana Fell on Apr 03, 2024

Toupees are among the most widely used instant hair solutions for men dealing with male pattern baldness or major hair loss. Their ease of use and convenience make them an ideal option for men looking to regain their lost confidence and sense of self-image. Toupees are famously known to make you look like your younger self once again, allowing you to look and feel good about yourself.

As such, the regular use of such a hair replacement system for men is bound to some wear and tear. So what do you do if you accidentally rip your favourite hair system? What if you are on a vacation and your base tears? This could easily be your worst nightmare as a system wearer.

Pro advice: Always carry a backup hairpiece whenever travelling for unforeseen but not unusual circumstances.

No matter the base material, toupees are always at risk of tearing. However, some hair units tend to last longer than others. If you use a mono base, you can expect a longer lifespan, whereas an ultra-thin-skin disposable system is delicate and needs to be handled with extra love and care.

Depending on the tear and base material, you can decide if the toupee can be fixed or if it's time to get a new men’s toupee from Superhairpieces.

Follow this guide on how to fix a small tear in your toupee:

hairpiece repair

If the tear is not affecting the hair system’s aesthetic appeal and functionality, you can fix it in an undetectable way. With the right approach and tools, you can repair a tear in your toupee, restoring its natural look and extending its lifespan.

  • Start by analyzing the position and size of the tear. Is the tear minor, or does it span a more extensive area? Is the tear in a visible or less noticeable part of the toupee? Small tears away from the toupee's front hairline are generally easier to fix than larger ones or those at the edges.
  • Depending on the base material, you'll need these items to repair a tear in your toupee - a clear one-sided waterproof adhesive toupee tape, scissors, needle and thread (preferably the color of the hair)
  • Always work on a clean and dry base for optimum results.
  • You can stitch the piece together if your mono or lace base hair system has small tears.
  • If your poly base tears, gently bring the material together and use Walker’s Base Tape only on the base of your unit so it can stick together effortlessly. Apply the tape carefully, ensuring the tear edges are closely aligned.
  • Allow ample time for the repair to set. Avoid touching or moving the repaired area during this time.

What do you do if your hair system base has multiple rips or big tears?

A big tear in your toupee doesn't mean the end of its lifespan. If your hair system has multiple rips or big tears, it is best to send it for a professional repair or consider buying a new toupee.

What can you expect from Superhairpieces’ hairpiece repair?

toupee repair

At Superhairpieces, we provide holistic hairpiece repair services for your hair system. We offer the following repair services to bring your hairpiece back to its former glory:

  • Fix the broken base of your hair system
  • Fill up more hair in bald areas
  • Fill up more hair overall
  • Add more grey hair overall
  • Fix a nasty cut by adding longer hair
  • Add high-lite colours
  • Add a lace front or replace lace in the front.
  • Expand or downsize the base
  • Take off extra hair to lessen the density
  • Stitch poly to the base wherever needed.

How do you know if your hair system is beyond saving?

Here are some things we would like you to consider if your hairpiece has too many issues:

  • If the unit is significantly damaged, we may call you to discuss whether the repair can be done.
  • Reconsider opting for repair if your unit has been repaired before or if you have been using the same hair system for more than a year.
  • Major breaks on the cap base or if the base is flimsy.

Under the abovementioned circumstances, we advise buying a new hair system. Restoring your hair unit through repairs can only help for so long!

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