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5 Best Human Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients

5 Best Human Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients

Posted by Santana Fell on Aug 07, 2023

Hair loss from chemotherapy, as a treatment for cancer, can be a traumatic, devastating, and emotionally challenging experience that gives your mental health and self-image a brutal hit.

But you do not have to drown in self-pity as far as hair loss is concerned. In fact, you can pretty much retain your natural look with the help of alternative hair or human hair wigs for women.

Contemporary wigs for women are an excellent option to add much-needed coverage with an invisible, natural hairline. Human hair wigs can be styled in various ways, just as your natural hair, and they are also available in many colors and lengths to give you the exact look of your natural hair or enhance your look with a totally different cut, color, and style.

We know that going bald is the least of your worries, but wigs can help give chemotherapy patients a sense of normalcy while they wait for their bio hair to grow.

Hair loss does not need to get the better of you. Wigs can make battling this terrible disease easier, boost your confidence and cause your self-worth to skyrocket. Do you know what the best part is? No one will ever know that you are wearing a wig.

Be-you-tiful every day and show cancer that you are tougher than it!

Here are Superhairpieces’ 5 Best Wigs for Cancer Patients:


fiona wig

Our famous Fiona human hair wig comes with a silicon skin wig cap collection that has been designed to provide the best comfort with a monofilament silk top medical-grade suction base that will attach to your bare skin without any adhesives. The hair is 100% hand-tied and comes with a medium density. Besides great comfort and hold, this wig has a 1/2" French lace front for a natural-looking hairline. It can last around 6-8+ months if properly maintained.


coco wig

Coco is a 100% hand-tied silicone full wig cap explicitly designed for people with medical conditions, such as cancer or other long-term hair loss conditions. Its silicon base has a snug fit that allows the best fit for your scalp without allowing air or water to enter.

In addition, it comes with a polyurethane bonding area on the temples and back where you can apply your desired adhesive for daily, weekly, or extended wear.

The durable Coco wig offers an invisible front French lace to create a natural-looking hairline. It also boasts a super soft and comfortable diamond lace base at the top and a stretch neck back, allowing a flexible fit for different-sized heads.


selena wig

Selena is one of the most popular medical wigs recommended for cancer patients or other medical conditions that cause long-term hair loss.

Built with strategically placed silicone strips and polyurethane tabs on the neck and temple areas, these premium human hair medical wigs are easy to attach and use. They are incredibly comfortable on your scalp, and the suction base stretches to adapt to your skin for a vacuum effect. This ensures the wig will stay intact during any physical activities.

It uses a natural-looking diamond lace top, which is soft, comfortable, and great for sensitive skin—the diamond lace transitions seamlessly to the French lace front, providing a natural hairline. With the Selena wig, one can achieve a simple yet sleek mid-length hairstyle of approximately 16". With a medium-light density, the hair maintains its length from root to tip with minimal layers to achieve a more elegant look.


angelina wig

Angelina is one of the most popular human hair medical wigs for women's hair loss. It is made of premium Remy hair and is recommended for patients with cancer or other medical conditions that cause long-term hair loss.

You can get the desired look with 100% hand-tied naturally wavy human hair of 12". This gorgeous wig comes with a silicone skin base that is comfortable and gentle on your scalp. Go swimming, dancing, or any other physical activity without worrying about slippage.

Furthermore, it comes with a diamond lace top. This natural-looking 1/2" French lace front makes for a natural hairline, and strategically placed polyurethane tabs on the neck and temples, where you can easily apply the adhesive of your choice. Angelina has a medium light density and an approximate length of 14", with a natural water-like wave and layers to give you a beautiful thicker look.


adele wig

Adele is a medical-grade wig that is constructed with a comfortable monofilament silk top with 1/4" silicone strips across the top, silicone tabs on the temples, and a stretchable back with adjustable hooks for a more secure hold. The cap is comfortable to wear, prevents friction, and doesn't need any adhesive bonding for attachment. It also boasts a 1/2" French lace front that provides a natural hairline, while the integration line from French lace to monofilament silk is also seamless and undetectable.

This short bob-cut wig uses naturally straight premium Chinese human hair with a length of 7" from the crown.

Now that you know which wigs to choose, let us guide you through the purchasing process.

Does insurance cover wigs for cancer patients?

Some insurance may cover the cost or a fraction of the cost of medical wigs for cancer patients or patients going through chemotherapy. Check your personal insurance before purchasing a medical wig. Read: Wig Insurance Guide

What type of wig is best for cancer patients?

Cancer patients or patients undergoing chemotherapy are generally bald or have very little hair. The ideal wigs for them would be those that do not require clips for attachments. Superhairpieces has many glueless medical wigs for women like the ones mentioned above. These silicon strip wigs are perfect for a suction fit for bald women.

Where to buy wigs for cancer patients?

Superhairpieces has a good collection of medical wigs for cancer patients or patients experiencing complete hair loss. Get high-quality wigs at affordable prices in the latest styles. Our exquisitely fine-textured hair is available in many colors that are suitable for all.

No matter where you're at in your cancer journey, our hairpieces are always there to make you feel like yourself again.

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