Selena - Premium Human Hair Mdeical Wig

Selena - Premium Human Hair Mdeical Wig

Medical wig for cancer and alopecia  (Universalis, Totalis, Areata and Androgenetic), Trichotillomania  or other medical conditions caused long-term hair loss. 

Silicon skin wig cap is very comfortable to your skin. This medical grade suction base will stretch attached on your skin. It works like a vacuum to make sure won't come off even on swim, ski, dance and other sports activities. Silicon base won't get loose when it's wet and you will receive non restricted secured power all the time

Enjoy the complete freedom to your beautiful life!



 Selena                                                   Premium Remy Hair 



Simple and sleek mid length hairstyle (approx. 16”). Maintains length from root to tip with minimal layers to achieve a sleeker look. 


Silicone Strips 

Silicon strips are strategically placed which allows the wig to attach the there head securely without the use of adhesives. 


Diamond Lace Top 

Diamond lace top which is comfortable, durable and great for sensitive skin 


Polyurethane Tabs 

Polyurethane tabs on the neck and temples where tape and glue can be applied for an easy application. 


Lace Front 

French lace front for a natural hairline and the transition to diamond lace is seamless. 


Stretchable Net Back 

The stretch net which allows the wig to be more flexible. 



Hair Density - Medium Light 

Weight - (Approx.) 190 G 

Hair Wave 

Naturally Straight 

Hair Length 

Nape Of Neck - 4 1/4” 

Crown To Nape - 14” 

Back/ Crown/ Sides - 15” 

Front/ Top/ Temple - 16” 

Wig Measurements 

Circumference - 21 3/4” 

Front To Back - 13 1/2“ 

Ear To Ear Over Top - 13 1/2” 

Temple To Temple Across Front - 11 1/2” 


Color Availability 

S1, S2, S4, S6, S7, S10, S11, S16, S18 


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