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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

A poly base toupee hair system — also known as a skin base hair system or thin skin hairpiece — is made of pure polyurethane material. The hair used is directly knotted onto the poly toupee and sealed off by layers of more clear poly skin. These hair systems are generally some of the thinnest and lightest bases with many offering a very natural and realistic look for the wearer.

Here is how Superhairpieces client Rick looks with a skin base system:

Poly skin toupees are generally very easy to install, maintain and remove in addition to being a very comfortable and lightweight invisible hair replacement option. They are ideal for those who don't have the time to deal with maintenance as well as those who prefer a hair system that offers a very natural look more than anything else, especially if they opt for the very thin skin hair systems such as the M111 or HD111 hairpieces Superhairpieces offer.

This depends on the particular poly base toupee but in general, most skin bases — especially thin skin — only last four to six weeks as they are more of a disposable hairpiece. This is because the thinner the skin base, the less durable it is. The M101, on the other hand, has a thickness of 8 mils and is the most durable skin base Superhairpieces offers with a medium to long durability.

Because of how thin skin bases are, they are generally not breathable compared to lace or mono units. And so, it is not advised to wear skin bases in warm climates or if you are a very active person. However, not all hair systems that have poly are unbreathable. Many systems such as our M158 include a fusion of lace and poly with four lace windows on the top for breathability and poly on the perimeter for easy installation and maintenance.

You can use wig glue or wig tape to attach your poly skin base toupee to your scalp. However, with the M111 and HD111, it is best to use glue given the thinness of their base material and the fact that tape could be seen through the base. Glue, meanwhile, is largely invisible and won’t seep into the poly base either which results in less cleaning required.

In general, skin bases are meant to be disposed of when removed. However, if you wish to reuse it or require to clean it, you can follow the same method as any other hair system:

  1. First, brush the hair of your poly base to make sure it is tangle-free and smooth. Start from the roots and brush your way down.
  2. Rinse and then submerge the base in a large bowl or sink with cold or lukewarm water mixed with wig shampoo. Leave it to soak for at least five minutes. Turn the base inside out and soak for another five minutes.
  3. Drain the water and rinse the base again before applying wig conditioner from the ends of the hair and work your way up. Make sure not to touch the base as it can be damaged. Leave the conditioner on the hair for five minutes.
  4. Rinse the base with cold water and dry off with a towel. Leave to dry on a wig stand afterwards or any place with little to no sunlight.

Many poly base hair systems — particularly thin skin models such as the M111 and HD111 — are disposable hairpieces which only last four to six weeks (though they can last longer if maintained well). Because of this, they are more affordable than other systems and ideal for beginners who just want to experiment with hair replacement systems initially and see if it is something right for them.

Because of the poly material, skin base systems are also generally easy to install, maintain and remove compared to other bases which makes them perfect for first-time hair system wearers who are just starting their journey and/or don’t have time to worry about maintenance. Additionally, the poly material allows more room for error when applying adhesives such as wig tape or wig glue.

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