Stop Shine 1.3 oz

Stop Shine

STOP Shine (1.3 oz Dab on) is a quick and easy treatment that, when applied to the surface of any adhesive tape or glue, is formulated to eliminate that annoying "shine" from direct, or even indirect light. 

Use this product with confidence as it will not weaken adhesive hold nor require you to "touch up" the surface of glues and adhesives using the palm of your hand or other device. 

STOP Shine can also be used to refresh the hold on worn tapes or glues between fittings. 




Apply adhesive tape or glue to scalp, as usual. Shake STOP Shine bottle well. Dab STOP Shine directly onto top surface of adhesive tape or glue, then rub vigorously over entire shiny surface until STOP Shine starts to dry. When STOP Shine is dry, it dries "tacky", press wig base or hairpiece base onto "dulled" adhesive surface. 


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