Starting A Hair System Journey

Start a hair journeyStart a hair journey
getting started
It takes a lot of courage to start something new. Navigate through your hair system journey with us.
It takes a lot of courage to start something new. We understand hair systems can be intimidating for anyone looking to deal with their hair loss problems. Here at Superhairpieces, we make things easy for you and gradually settle you into the world of hair systems so you not only have a full head of hair, but reclaim your confidence.
step 1
Speak to one of our experts to determine the best hair system for you.
step 2
Find your hair system. Need any help? Use the chat function on the bottom right corner!
step 3
Install it yourself or get it done by a professional.
step 4
Check out our resources to learn how to take care and maintain your hair system.
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Happy with your purchase? Leave us a review and get rewarded!
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Skin Base
French Lace
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skin base
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0.15mm Poly Skin in Medium Thickness
(on sale)
Our Price vs Competitor Prices
skin base
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Champion Remy
(after $30 discount)
Full French Lace (N-French)
(on sale)
what our customers say
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James T. Verified Buyer
This adventure from start to finish was exceptional, the service at the Mississauga location was beyond belief. I would like to thank everyone who involved in what has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life.
Rick D. Verified Buyer
At first it was really just for a fluke, I wasn't convinced that it was gonna work, I didn't think it would be worth trying. I approached it more as a joke. But when it finished I thought, “It looks pretty good. As a matter of fact, that looks really good!
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