Custom Made M112 6"x8" Mono Silk Top Hairpiece For Men and Women

Hairpiece For Men

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Custom Made M112 Mono Silk Top Human Hair Replacement  Top Closure


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Base Monofilament silk top, Poly coating edge, Double Folded Lace Front

Tape: (Red Liner clear tape, Brown liner)  

 How to attach hairpiece (Compare all models)

Clips: Sew the clips on

Delivery Time: 9 Weeks


Review: Durable, Cut away, Easy attach
Natural Hairline: Good
Top Appearance: Better
Durability: 3- 24 months
Typical lasting: 4-7 months
Daily on/ off: Yes
Attach on: Easy
Take off and clean: Easy
Tape on: All kind of tape
Clip on: Yes
Glue on: Yes


14 days after shipment for exchange or Refund within 2 weeks only in ORIGINAL condition 15% restocking charge if hairpiece returned without original condition No exchange or return after 14 days No Warranty

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