Custom Made M111 Thinnest Skin Base Hairpiece Disposable Hair Replacement System

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Custom Made M111 Thinnest Skin Base Hairpiece Disposable Hair Replacement System

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M111 Men's Human Hair Hairpiece

Note:This model is super thin skin hair piece and light density, its super natural but only last 4-6 weeks per unit

        Please make sure you understand this before you make purchase!

        Before you comb the hair, make sure mist the hair while the base still dry

        Never comb the hair after shower. 

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Super soft clear see through thin skin polyurethane base.

Poly skin thickness:  3 - 4 mils (1 mil =1/1000 inch)

Thinnest skin in the world, Complete invisibility on the head with Ghost bond glue application

Installation Glue on with Ghost bond glue

How to attach hairpiece (Compare all models)

Durability Short
Delivery Time: 9 Weeks

Soft Skin base, Natural, Cut & fit
Natural Hairline:
Top Appearance:
1-2 months
Typical lasting:
5 weeks
Daily on/ off:
Attach on: Permanat attach
Take off and clean: One time usage only
Tape on: All kind of tape
Clip on: No
Glue on: Yes
No Warranty

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    I’ve been ordering with super hairpiece for a while but never I got the same product what I requested. There is a confusion between my order online and rep communication.

    Posted by Sandeep Kumar on Aug 20, 2018

    Additional information mentioned over the phone / when ordered online is always ignored. Not sure is there any communication gap between rep and supplier..


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