Wigs for Alopecia and Other Hair Loss Patients

Discover Superhairpieces' Women's Wigs for those experiencing alopecia (Universalis, Totalis, Areata, and Androgenetic), Trichotillomania or other medical conditions which causes long-term hair loss. Our Women's hair systems have been designed to provide the best comfort with soft and silky lace base materials, adjustable stretch net backing to create a perfect fit, and lace fronts for a natural hairline. Enjoy the feel of premium hair with our modern hair wear and enjoy luxury like no other!

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Will wearing a wig affect my hair growth?

No, wearing a wig will not affect the hair growth as hair growth happens underneath the skin. Of course, the less adhesives you place on your scalp the better your skin has a chance to breathe for healthy skin growth.

Will I have to shave or cut my hair?

Not necessarily. Depending on the choice of the wig, most wigs are compatible without having to tape down or glue down. The silicone bases are designed to create a tight suction for those who are completely bald.

How long can I keep a wig on?

Depending on the hair systems and the preferred attachment, you can have daily, bi-weekly, or monthly (max 4 week hold) attachments.

Which wigs are most comfortable?

Almost all the wigs are designed to be comfortable. However, different materials are preferred on each clients. Swiss lace & French Lace hair systems are more of a popular pick when it comes to comfort.

I'm a first time wearer, how can I get a consultation?

At this moment, we only offer virtual consultation. This is actually a great deal for us as we can now offer this consultation world wide.

What if I don't like the wig?

If you are unsatisfied with the wig, Superhairpieces offer a 15 day return/exchange policy as long as the hair system remains intact and no alterations have been done. If that wig has been cut, altered, colored, taped etc it will be deemed final sale and cannot be returned.

How often do I have to replacment my wig?

Depending on the wig and lifestyle (wear & tear) you make have to replace your wig monthly to early.

Are all the wigs made with real human hair?

Yes, all the women's wigs are made with 100% real remy human hair. It is mixed with Indian and Premium Chinese hair. For more information please contact our customer support team.

Do you carry any synthetic women's wig?

At the moment, we do not carry any synthetic wigs in stock. We however do provide custom made orders that you will be able to create with synthetic.

Do Insurance companies cover medical wigs?

Depending on the country, state, and/or province at which you live in - some medical insurances will cover the cost of a wig. Please check with your medical doctor. If approved, we can send out an invoice to your medical insurance after payment has been made.