Wavy Hair

Got a bit of a wave in your hair? Tired of always having to straighten your own hair to match the hair extensions, or curl the hair extensions to match the curl in your hair? Look no further with the wavy hair extensions in I tip & Nail tip from Superhairpieces. Our Hair Extensions are made with real Remy human hair. We offer our wavy collection in 3A quality for easier styling. There are over 15 different colors to choose from in two lengths.

Superhairpieces offers a wide selection of Premium Remy hair extensions for women, be sure to check out the rest of our hair extensions line. We service both salons and retail clients.

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Please note that there is a color discrepancy between our 3A/4A extensions and the color ring. The color ring matches more to our 5A/6A extensions as they are made with premium Chinese hair. The 3A/4A extensions are made with a mix of Indian/Chinese hair so the colors are a little off, notably in the blondes due to the quality of the hair. We are currently working on swatches that better match the 3A/4A quality hair colors. Keep posted on latest product updates by subscribing to Superhairpieces.

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