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Why Switching Up Hairpiece Products in Summer Is Essential

Why Switching Up Hairpiece Products in Summer Is Essential

Posted by Santana Fell on Jun 20, 2024

Summer brings the challenge of keeping hairpieces looking pristine and comfortable. Whether hitting the beach or barbecuing in the backyard, maintaining your hairpiece is crucial for a confident appearance.

Much like the change of seasons, our hair care products need to change, too, partly to suit the climate and change of activities with the onset of Summer and partly to prevent your hair and scalp from being immune to the effects of particular products. Another essential factor to consider is your glue or tape adhesive's tackiness, performance, or behaviour in hot or humid climates. You don't want a lifting system in the middle of a perfect beach day, do you?

Luckily, several hairpiece products are designed to protect, preserve, and refresh hairpieces during hot months.

Here’s a rundown of 8 products that you can use during Summer to keep your hairpiece looking dapper, snug and in tip-top shape:

1. Walker's Top Loc Knot Sealer Spray

Walker's Top Loc Knot Sealer Spray

Say hello to a strong bond with Walker's Top Loc Knot Sealer Spray. Ideal for mesh units, this product is a must-have for sealing the knots on your hairpiece, ensuring each strand stays securely in place. This helps your hairpiece look fuller and extends its lifespan, making it a wise investment for the summer season. The Top Loc Knot Sealer Spray is especially beneficial for delicate V-loop hair systems, preventing loosening and shedding. A few quick sprays before installation can significantly help your system’s longevity and appearance. This product is safe for all skin types, and the alcohol-based formula has a low odour, so you can use it indoors, too.

2. Ghost Bond XL

Ghost Bond XL

Ghost Bond XL adhesive offers a solid yet skin-friendly bond for those hot, sweaty days. Its advanced, high-performance formula is designed to withstand the challenges of high humidity and skin oils, making it an excellent choice for securing your hairpiece during the summer months. With Ghost Bond XL invisible water-based bonding for poly and lace systems, you can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about your hairpiece lifting or shifting. It is specially formulated for oily scalps and heavy perspiration, making it the ideal choice during the sweltering summer.

3. Red Liner Sensi-Tak Pre-Cut

Red Liner Sensi-Tak Pre-Cut

The water-resistant Red Liner Sensi-Tak Pre-Cut strips provide a convenient and reliable option for attaching your hairpiece. These clear pre-cut strips are known for their strong adhesion and easy removal, making them perfect for short-term wear or for those who frequently change or remove their hairpieces. They are instrumental when you need a quick and secure attachment method during summer. Carry them in your bag for a quick fix when out and about.

4. BeautiMark Pure Care Hydrating Shampoo

BeautiMark Pure Care Hydrating Shampoo

Keeping your hairpiece clean is crucial, especially during the summer when sweat and buildup are common and harmful to the unit. BeautiMark Pure Care Hydrating Shampoo is a gentle shampoo designed specifically for hairpieces, wigs, and extensions. It offers gentle yet effective cleansing, keeping the scalp and hairpiece fresh and vibrant while intensely hydrating and nourishing your hairpiece, ensuring it retains its softness and lustre despite the summer heat.

5. BOBOS Remi Leave-In Conditioner

BOBOS Remi Leave-In Conditioner

BOBOS Remi Leave-In Conditioner is a fantastic product for keeping your hairpiece soft and manageable. A small amount goes a long way in detangling, moisturizing, and revitalizing your hairpiece, making it look and feel as natural as possible. It’s an excellent product for daily use throughout the summer to maintain the health and appearance of your hairpiece while providing a beautiful fragrance.

6. BOBOS Remi Scalp Relief Treatment Spray

BOBOS Remi Scalp Relief Treatment Spray

Summer heat can sometimes make your scalp itchy and uncomfortable under a hairpiece. BOBOS Remi Scalp Relief Treatment Spray provides a soothing solution. It helps to relieve itching and discomfort, making your hairpiece-wearing experience much more pleasant. Its gentle, fresh, cooling effect is a relief on hot days.

7. Ghost Bond No Sweat Scalp Antiperspirant

Ghost Bond No Sweat Scalp Antiperspirant

Ghost Bond No Sweat Scalp Antiperspirant is a game-changer for those who struggle with excessive sweating under their hairpiece. It helps to reduce sweating, keeping your oily scalp dry and hairpiece significantly comfortable and secure. Apply it to your scalp before attaching your hairpiece to enjoy a sweat-free experience, even on the hottest summer days.

8. Walkers Scalp Protector (Spray)

Walkers Scalp Protector (Spray)

Finally, an effective way to guard your scalp and enhance the bond of your hairpiece adhesive is by using Walker’s Scalp Protector Spray. It forms a protective barrier on your scalp, preventing irritation from adhesives and prolonging the bond in high heat and humidity conditions. It’s a must-have for the hot and humid summer months.

Whether dressing up for a special occasion or simply enjoying the outdoors, these products keep your hairpiece looking brand new. Enjoy the season thoroughly, knowing your hairpiece is protected and looking its best.

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