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Which one is the best Adhesive Tape or Liquid Adhesive?

Which one is the best Adhesive Tape or Liquid Adhesive?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Oct 08, 2020

There are many different methods of attaching a hair system in its place. Many prefer  Tape and others prefer Liquid Adhesives. So which one is better? Well, we don’t really have the perfect answer as everyone’s needs and preferences are different. But, we can definitely give you some information to help you decide whether it is right for you.

Using Tape Adhesives (Toupee Tape) can really cut down the time in placing a hair system on. Also, it is easier to clean and maintain. You can attach a hair system right at the comfort of your own home, especially for those quick fixes. There are also many different tape holds that can last from daily wear to full bonding. But from the opinions of those who’ve used tape and moved onto liquid adhesion, “sometimes tape just doesn’t provide that really strong hold liquid adhesive does.”However, what tape can offer than most liquids can’t, is the many different hold times. Tapes such as the daily tapes can be removed right off the hair system nightly without much scrubbing. Therefore, the hair system lasts longer. Overall tape is great for quick applications and easy cleaning. Not so great on full bonding on its own.

Liquid Adhesives have always been a popular method of attachment. People love it because of course the bonding lasts a lot longer, it feels more secure, and it dries up fast enough that the wait time it takes to break down on the skin is a lot less than tape. (Although, most professionals still say to avoid water for at least 24hrs). The major downfall to Liquid Adhesive is of course the cleaning. Most of the time the hair systems need to be soaked in solvent for several minutes before attempting to remove the adhesive. Therefore, you can imagine attempting daily takeoffs with glue is going to be a lot more of a process than removing tape.

Nonetheless, the very most popular method used for full bonding by many professionals would be to use both tape and glue. But, if you prefer the DIY methods then check out the chart below to see which adhesive is right for you. If you are still unsure, we always advise to see a professional stylist experienced in the industry to provide you the best consultation even down to the best attachment methods for you.

Adhesive Tape

DAILY Description Poly Lace Mono
3M Daily Clear Tape (rolls & strips)

Lasts: 1-5 days Clear Hypoallergenic Moderate hold, easy removal

Red Liner (rolls & strips) Lasts: 3-4 days Clear Most Water Resistant Strong hold, easy removal X    
WEEKLY Description Poly Lace Mono
Blue Tape (rolls & strips) Lasts: 1-3 weeks Clear – dull finish Moderate to strong hold X X  
Duo Tac Tape (Strips) Lasts: 1-3 weeks Clear – dull finish Contains Red & Blue tape Easy Clean X [Red Side]X [Blue Side] X [Blue Side]  
Brown Liner (rolls & strips) Lasts: 1-2 weeks Cream Color Cloth tape & thick Very Gooey X    
MONTHLY Description Poly Lace Mono
No Shine (rolls & strips) Lasts: 3-5 weeks Clear – dull finish Strong hold X X  
Super Tape (rolls & strips) Lasts: 3-5 weeks Clear Easy Clean Strong Hold X   X
Ultra Hold Tape
Mini Lasts: 4-6 weeks Clear –Current Leader in Wig tapes Extreme hold – Super tacky, flexible X X
Extenda bond Tape (Strips) Lasts: 4-6  weeks with glue Tape in glue form Maximum hold, thin Easy Clean X X  



















Safe Grip Description Poly Lace
  Lasts: 2-3 weeks (Drip & Brush on)Dries Clear Waterproof Water base, easy clean up Low odor/bacteria resistant   Best
Ghost Bond Description Poly Lace
Regular Lasts: 2-4  weeks (Drip)Invisible Bonding Water based Built-in heat, humidity & sweat busters Easy to clean For oily scalps, high humidity, heavy perspiration X X
Phantom Stays clear after  2 week X X
XL Super moisture control for those who perspires frequently (Good for playing sports) X X
Mity Tite Glue Description Poly Lace
  Lasts: 1 week (Dab & Brush on)Moderate hold (Good for playing sports)Acrylic Waterproof Designed for touch-up on permanent soft bonds Use for daily & extended-wear applications Used with geo bond Last up to 3-4 weeks Only  
Ultra Hold Glue
Description Poly Lace
  Lasts: 2-3  weeks (Brush on)Clear non-yellowing Acrylic Waterproof Flammable Maximum Hold Tip: Use with red liner & brown tape as a fuse (not recommended for amateur use) Only  
KP Pro Bond Description Poly Lace
  Lasts: 2-4  weeks (Tube & Brush on)Silicone Bonding Adhesive Easy to clean & time effective(Good for playing sports) Only  


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