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Which Hair Systems that Give you a Natural Hairline?

Which Hair Systems that Give you a Natural Hairline?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Oct 02, 2020

It’s been awhile since we introduced another comparison chart of our hair systems. But we thought we would do a quick refresh of our most popular hair system the Full French Lace. As well as other hair systems that give you a natural hairline using lace fronts.

Now that everything is starting to “normalize” it seems that we are getting more new inquiries and it would be the best time to get these comparison charts rolling again.

Here you will see the popular Full French Lace Base Systems, as well as other full lace systems and even systems with a human hair lace front wigs.

Full French Lace

The Full French Lace Hair Systems have always been a very popular base in the hair industry. In fact, french lace is the most common material used on hair systems especially with hair fashion. But what makes Superhairpieces different, is that we provide a wide variety of different lace bases that fit the different needs of consumers. That is because we understand one size does not fit all!

Our M105 was our very first Full french lace base model, and since then we have implemented other models very similar but with more density and newer features. The M105 is made with a beautiful soft french lace that is very popularly used in the hair industry. French lace hair systems are usually the best for achieving a very natural look with a lot of density.
Now that people are wearing masks, your hairline tends to be more of a visible point when interacting with others, so you definitely want to make sure you have the most natural hair system on!
Other lace bases

The alternative full lace hair systems that most people tend to compare to the French lace is the Swiss lace bases. Swiss lace bases are by far the most natural looking and feel, but also one of the most delicate materials. It cannot hold much density, since the lace is much more thinner. However, if you are looking for a Swiss lace you can definitely check out the comparison chart below.

As you can see from the above image, we also have fine welded lace and the super fine welded lace hair systems. They sound very similar but actually the texture is noticeable different between the two. The Super Fine Welded lace is a delicate version of the fine welded lace and it’s the only material that can hold a good density with single strand single knotted hairs throughout its base. However, with the new nano technology knotting we have implemented, we are now able to use a similar knotting technique in our Pro series. How amazing is that!?

Lace with Poly Sides

Now let’s quickly get into the lace bases with poly on the sides and back. These hair systems provide you that natural look of a full lace and a very similar feel in texture of course. The only real difference is that it provides that extra durability with the poly edges. Also, it makes cleaning much more easier in the poly areas without damaging the hair system.
Other Front Lace Base

These systems are similar to the ones with poly on the sides and back, except that the poly on these bases go all the way around. Some of these hair systems leave a center lace with a front lace, and other systems are more skin base with a larger lace front. But, either or you know you will be receiving that extra durability without compromising on the natural look of the lace front See chart below.
There you have it, you have the entire list of hair systems that will give you the natural hairline you are looking for that use a lace material. With many of us wearing masks these days you definitely don’t want a noticeable hairline to stick out looking unnatural. Yikes!
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