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What's a Toupee? Tips for Buying a Hairpiece

What's a Toupee? Tips for Buying a Hairpiece

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jun 08, 2018

What's a Toupee? Tips for Buying a Hairpiece

Losing your hair can be devastating. Even more so for women. Some people go to great lengths to cover up their thinning or receding hair, while others seem to accept their lot in life.

The reasons for making changes to your hair's appearance are as varied as the reason your hair is thinning. If you don't want to just let nature take its course, there are many things you can do. Like a toupee.

What's a toupee? Perhaps the solution to your hair loss problems. If hats or scarves are not your thing, here are a few reasons to consider a toupee. Let's take a closer look at hair loss and solutions.

Hair Loss

Losing your hair can happen for manydifferent reasons. It can be gradual or just happen all at once.


Your genes will determine if you will lose your hair. Male pattern baldness is the most popular. This is brought on by male hormones and your genes. Heredity is what will cause women to suffer hair loss, as well.


Your diet can play a big role in hair loss, like lack of protein, too much or too little of particular vitamins or anything that requires your body to work overtime to make up for the loss of nutrients you need.


Undue stress can cause your hair to fall out, in clumps or all over. This can happen from physical and mental stress. Mental stress is worse for hair loss and igniting the existing condition that causes it.


Certain medications will cause your hair to fall out, in particular, drugs that fight cancer.

And some medications which are taken for limited periods temporarily can also cause hair to fall out after you stop medicating.

What's a Toupee?

If you are unfamiliar with hair pieces, there may be some negative connotations surrounding toupees, but there shouldn't be. Toupees have come a long way over the last ten to twenty years.

These can be made from natural or synthetic hair. Some are made from actual human hair, often donated to organizations making hairpieces for cancer survivors. The synthetic hair looks and feels natural and is used by men and women.

A toupee is usually designed to cover a bald spot, as opposed to a wig, which covers the whole head. The toupee can be attached with a tape or even woven into existing hair for a more permanent solution.

Synthetic vs Real Hair

Synthetic and real hair hairpieces both have their pros and cons. Let's take a closer look.

Human Hair Toupee

The human hair toupee has a natural look and feel and has a longer life expectancy than synthetic. You also have more options for styling, as the human hair can be dyed, styled and permed.

They are also far more expensive, they are far more fragile and they styling and maintenance are far more labor-intensive than its synthetic counterpart. The color of the hair may be less consistent, as it comes from many different sources.

Synthetic Hair Toupee

The synthetic toupee is much less expensive, which matters a lot if you need more than one. They are easy to care for and hold their style. You can change your hairstyle and the color of your hair just by changing the hair piece.

These synthetic toupees can be damaged by heat or by trying to style them. They can't be colored, don't last as long as natural hair and may have an unnatural look or shine to them, depending on the individual piece.

Is a Hair Piece for me?

Wigs, toupees, hair extensions are for everyone. What easier way to change your whole look than by simply changing your hair. Even the slightest change of hair can make the world of difference to your look.


Many celebrities use wigs and hairpieces to change their looks, sometimes even on the same day. No longer are wigs and toupees just for balding gym teachers. Dolly Parton is well-known for wearing wigs for her entire career and she actually has a full head of hair.

Often, you may see someone you like from a television show in real life and not even recognize them, because they play a character under a wig that makes them look so different.


Entertainers like drag queens, need to have an entire room just to keep their hair. Multiple looks are all part of an impersonators repetitor, like celebrity look-alikes. Some performers, like singers who spend a lot of time traveling choice to use wigs for style and convenience.

Bad Hair Day

We have all had them. Those days that no matter what you do, it just gets worse. Having a wig or hairpiece that is close to your own hair frees up your morning routine takes the stress away from trying to get that hair just right.

Look Better, Feel Better

Whether it is gradual hair loss, chemotherapy, or temporary hair loss due to some other medical condition, the toupee can help make you look and feel better. It's actually less obvious than a scarf or a ball cap that you are coving up.

It will boost your confidence and make you feel better about your appearance and yourself. No one needs to know you are wearing a toupee, as they have come a long way in looking and feeling natural.

Save time and money, by having your best hair day every day without the need of an expensive salon. You can be ready for work or an evening out if far less time and without hours at the hairdresser.

Keep Your Hair On

What's a toupee for except to keep you in hair. They have come far in recent years and are always popular, for those who are losing their hair, or those that just want to look better.

Find the perfect fit, color, and texture to help your thinning hair and keep your confidence. There is no reason to just accept hair loss as a part of life. Toupees can be fitted to stay in place even for very active people.

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