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What We Need for Custom Ordering  | Custom Toupee

What We Need for Custom Ordering | Custom Toupee

Posted by Superhairpieces on Aug 30, 2019

Although we have many stock hair systems available, we understand that it may not accommodate everyone’s needs. That is why Superhairpieces also offers custom ordering. What many do not know is that this process can be extensive, long, and requires the right amount of detail. We usually suggest trying out one of our stock systems first before jumping head on to do a custom order. For one, custom orders are final sale, and two it takes about 8 to 9 weeks of processing time. Therefore, if the details are not correct, the unit will not come back how you hoped for. This article will help you understand what we really need to create a custom order hair system.


Samples for Base Design are only needed if we do not have the base design in our stock hair systems or we do not understand the details of the requested base design. You can either send us a sample unit of the design or on the template write down the materials of the design.

Samples for size are only needed if your head contour does not fit any standard size. We can use sample units or templates for size. Usually, flatter heads or deeper contours require these. If you have used any of our stock hair systems, and the contours are fine, we just require the measurements. Sending us measurements is a faster process as we do not need to wait for any samples. You may also purchase our Fast Mold custom ordering templates.

Samples for color. If none of our stock colors work for you, you can send us a color sample to match. The sample should have at least 50 strands of hair and 2” in length. This is so that we have a good idea of what the entire color of the unit should look like. For grey percentages, you can have that in the color sample as well, and the factory will match the grey percentage against the color of that color sample.

You can also send us a sample unit to match for color, but please keep in mind that most likely the sample unit you send us will have faded by the time we receive it. Therefore we will match the existing color of the sample unit.

Samples for Wave Pattern or curl. The curl is a very tricky thing, at Superhairpieces we do not guarantee the curl after 30mm. Therefore, we always suggest a sample of the wave pattern. The best sample to provide is an actual unit with the desired curl or a curl from a curl ring. However, if you cannot provide a curl sample you can check out our Wave Pattern Comparison chart.

Samples for Density are only needed if you want us to match a sample unit. The best sample for density is only a sample unit. If you have a density chart, the factory will match the density but again, it is only based off that ring and does not provide the whole look of the unit.

You can also use a sample unit to match, hairstyle, hair texture and hair length, although it is not necessary. These details can be provided on the order form.

When filling out the custom orders, the following details are the most important to have.

10 Important Details to Complete your Custom Made

  • Size
  • Base Design
  • Hair color & Grey Percentage (grey only needed, if you require grey. Otherwise it will be solid color)
  • Hair Type: Indian, Chinese or synthetic | Soft or Course | Grey Human or Synthetic
  • Hair Length
  • Hair style
  • Hair Density
  • Wave pattern/curl
  • Front Hairline Shape
  • Poly Width (if you’re unit has poly, otherwise if you don’t know the width we will assume it’s made to be like stock)

Need more information? visit our website at (US & International) or (CAN)

You can also contact us at 1-866-814-7879 or email at

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