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What tape or glue is best for your men's hair system?

What tape or glue is best for your men's hair system?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Mar 17, 2022

When it comes to installing hair systems, you have many options from glues, tapes and clips depending on your preferences. If you're going with glue or tape, they are the most popular and common options for hair system bonding.

But with that said, there are also many different kinds of wig tapes and liquid adhesives to choose from. Which one has the strongest hold? Which one is suited to your particular base material?

This can be very confusing especially for a new hair replacement system wearer, so in this blog, we'll be taking a look at which tapes and glues work for each type of hair system as well as providing general information about the various hair adhesives for your hair system we offer here at Superhairpieces.


 wig tape

Many hair system wearers decide to go with tape as their method of attachment as they are easy to attach, easy to remove and overall, less damaging to the hair system.

If you're using a poly skin hair system such as the M101 men's toupee, here's a simple thing to keep in mind — all the hairpiece tapes we offer work for poly! Whether it's a full poly base or poly on the sides, you don't need to worry about whether your tape is compatible with a skin base hair system.

Tapes only meant to be used on poly hair systems or poly perimeters

3M Daily Tape/Super1522

Hold Time: 1-2 days

The Super1522 — also known as 3M Daily Tape — is our very own toupee tape that comes in multiple sized rolls from 3 yards, 12 yards and 36 yards. It is also our most popular tape for daily wear making it ideal for wearers of poly skin hair systems, especially ultra thin skin units.

However, it can also work for wearers who take their systems off every few days or so. It is clear, gentle on the skin and is also a hypoallergenic option so there is no risk of any allergic reactions from the adhesive.

Super Red Liner Tape/Red Liner Tape/Walker's Tape Red Liner Sensi-Tak Tape/Liberty Red

Hold Time: 2-4 days

Super Red Liner Tape

The Super Red Liner Tape is a good option for those who prefer to deal with very little residue. Similar options include the Red Liner Tape, Red Liner Sensi-Tak Tape and Liberty Red by Sunshine Tape as these tapes are easy to clean and ideal for wearers who want a little more than daily wear by taking their systems off every few days or so. It has a general hold of two to four days, though this can vary depending on the lifestyle and location of the wearer. The liner is red, however, the actual tape is clear.

Superhairpieces stylist Christina prefers to use the Sensi-Tak Tape in particular, especially with mono systems that are combined with poly. “With mono and poly, what I prefer to use is the Red Sensi-Tak Tape because it's easier to remove and also easier to clean,” she said. “It doesn't leave any residue once it starts to break down.”

Brown Liner Tape (German Tape/German Brown/Green Tape)

Hold Time: 1-2 weeks

The Brown Liner Tape — also known as German Brown — is another option for poly hair system wearers. This tape is thick and has a creamy color with a brownish-mustard colored liner. An industry standard for many years, this tape can last one to two weeks making it ideal for those who want something more than daily wear but not nearly as long-term either. However, it is very gooey which means it can leave a lot of residue.

Sunshine Tape

Hold Time: 1-2 weeks

Sunshine Tape

We also offer a variety of different Sunshine Tapes. These tapes come in the form of strips and are available in A, C, CC curve shapes. They are fused with Base Tape and Sunshine tape with the former adhering to the scalp while the latter faces the unit and creates a safety barrier. This tape can last a week but is mainly used as a daily wear tape for people who prefer daily removal.

Pro-Flex Tape II

Hold Time: 2-4 weeks

The Pro-Flex II tape offered by Walker is the longest-lasting hypoallergenic tape out there. With a maximum wear of 2-4 weeks, this tape has little shine while it also leaves little residue during the removal process. The liner is white, however, the tape is clear. Overall, it is a very flexible and comfortable bond.

Tapes that can be used on poly and lace hair systems

You may be wondering why the aforementioned tapes don't work or are not recommended for lace systems. This is because these tapes will not stick on the lace material and will literally come off. In addition, they might be too strong for the lace material and could result in it getting ripped during the removal process. However, the following tapes work with both poly and lace hair systems:

Extendabond (Recommended)

Hold Time: 3-4 weeks

Extendabond Tape

The Extendabond tape offered by Walker is one of the most popular tapes on the market today and is one we at Superhairpieces recommend. This tape comes in strips and is super strong and flexible with the liner being blue and white, though the actual tape is clear. It is extremely secure for full head bonding and has a hold of up to three to four weeks which is perfect for those who prefer extended wear. It is the top choice for Superhairpieces salon client Christine McKnight of the Classic Cuts salon in Russell, Kentucky.

“I use that [Extendabond] on top of the Red Liner on some of my people,” McKnight said. “It holds pretty good. Sometimes, you can even put glue on top. But it's really important to clean the scalp very well with alcohol after you shampoo the client's head.”

This is echoed by Superhairpieces stylist Teresa Chu who recommends Extendabond for hair system wearers who are active on a daily basis. “I prefer Extendabond because if people are involved in daily activities, it lasts a bit longer. Majority of the clients want it to last longer, like four weeks or so, so I like to use Extendabond or Ultra Hold Tape as well as Ultra Hold liquid for both.”

With that said, Extendabond can be gooey which means it can leave some residue. Additionally, it is mainly recommended for professionals so it's best for beginners to opt for an alternative tape option.

Vapon Topstick

Hold Time: 3-5 weeks

Vapon Topstick

One of the newest tapes that Superhairpieces has added to its inventory is the Topstick men's grooming tape by Vapon. These are clear 1'' x 3'' strips that can be used anywhere on the hairpiece for coverage of large areas. They are ideal for daily use and can be trimmed if required. They can be used on lace, but are mainly recommended for poly skin hair systems.

The Blue Type A Cut, however, can be used on lace hair systems and has a hold time of three to five weeks for those who want extended or monthly wear.

Super Blue Liner Lace Front Tape/Walker Blue

Hold Time: 2-3 weeks

Another popular option is the Super Blue Liner Lace Front Tape or Walker Blue. These are transparent tapes that come in rolls with many different lengths offered from 3 yards, 12 yards and even 36 yards. It has a hold of two to three weeks and can also be used in conjunction with Red Liner tape.

Superhairpieces stylist Christina Lu also recommends it for hair system wearers who prefer to do maintenance on their own. “If clients prefer to maintain [their hair systems] themselves at home on a weekly basis, I would recommend the lace front [tape],” she said.

Duo Tac Tape

Hold Time: 1 week

The Duo Tac Tape uses a combination of the red tape's no melt characteristics and the blue tape's strong hold to create a perfect tape for lace system wearers. Coming in strips with varied lengths, this tape is ideal for weekly wear and has a clear to dull finish. It was also designed to give lace wearers the same strength that poly skin wearers get from their red tape. The red tape goes on the scalp while the blue tape goes on the hair system. Overall, it's a great option for those who prefer to have an easy cleanup with their tape adhesives.

Ultra Hold

Hold Time: 3-4 weeks

Walker’s Ultra Hold Tape

Walker's Ultra Hold Tape is another popular option in the hair system market. These are rolls of clear tape that come in sizes ranging from 3 yards, 6 yards and 12 yards. They are super tacky and flexible and come with an extreme hold that can last as long as a month, making it ideal for those who prefer to keep their hair systems on for longer periods of time.

Superhairpieces stylist Teresa Chu's preference is Ultra Hold, but mainly with poly systems. “It holds longer and if you use Ultra Hold on the lace, it doesn't tape properly. But if you use it on the poly, the tape is very strong and can last for two weeks,” she said. “If you put the glue on, it can last for 4 weeks if you have normal skin. If you have oily skin, it should still last for around three and a half weeks.”

No Shine Tape

Hold Time: 1 week

No Shine Tape uses strips or rolls of tape that have a very dull finish and is virtually invisible through the unit. As its name implies, its main feature is it has no shine so the tape will not be visible through the hair system. It is easy to clean, hypoallergenic and comes in lengths of 3 yards, 6 yards, 9 yards, 12 yards and 36 yards. It is also for those who prefer weekly wear with their hairpieces.

No Shine can be used on both poly and lace hair systems. However, McKnight particularly recommends No Shine for lace systems. “No Shine Tape is what I use,” McKnight said. “The No Shine works great, I recommend it for lace.”

Super Tape

Hold Time: 3-4 weeks

Lastly, there's the Super Tape from True Tape which comes in rolls or strips. One of the most well-known tapes in the hairpiece industry, this is a clear, water-proof tape that is easy to clean and has a strong hold that can last three to four weeks. As a result, it is one of the best tapes for wearers who like to perform self-maintenance.

Additionally, if you prefer blue tape, the Super Tape makes for a great alternative, especially if your skin type tends to make blue tape melt or become gooey.

Note: You should never stick any tape on the monofilament material. Mono silk hair systems are usually constructed along with lace or poly and only the latter two materials should be used for attaching tape.

Glues (Liquid Adhesives)

toupee glue

As for why hair system wearers decide to go with wig glue or liquid adhesives, it's because it provides a stronger bond than tape and also allows for more of a precise attachment.

Just like with tape, if you're using a poly skin hair system, all our available glues will work on it! However, not all glues will work with lace materials and you will need specific kinds.

Glues only meant to be used on poly hair systems or poly perimeters

Vapon NOTAPE Bonding Adhesive (Recommended)

Hold Time: 4-6 weeks


One of our newly-stocked products include the NO TAPE bonding adhesives from Vapon. This is a medically safe adhesive that can be applied on the scalp, over tape or tape tab material. It has an average hold of 4-6 weeks and is to only be used on poly skin material.

Mity Tite Glue

Hold Time: 1 week

The Mity Tite Glue is designed for daily as well as extended wear for upto a week. It's ideal for playing sports and for those who want a touch up on their permanent soft bonds. This also means you can easily apply more layers if needed.

KP Pro Bond

Hold Time: 2-4 weeks

There's the KP Pro Bond which is a silicone bonding adhesive that can last 2-4 weeks. It's easy to clean and very time effective. The adhesive remains soft and gentle on the hair system and is easy to remove with KP Pro Solvent.

It's also ideal for those who are active or play sports. It can be used for a full head attachment as well as on a poly perimeter.

Ultra Hold Glue

Hold Time: 2-3 weeks

There's also the Ultra Hold glue which is one of the most popular products on the market today. This is a clear non-yellowing glue that can last 2-3 weeks. It can also be fused with red liner and brown tape for an even greater hold.

However, professionals, such as Superhairpieces client Victor from the Unique Hairstyling & Hayers styling salon in Hamilton, Ontario, mostly use this glue and it's not really recommended for hair system newcomers.

Extreme Hold Silicone Based Adhesive

Hold Time: 4-6 weeks

Extreme Hold is one of the latest silicon adhesives offered by Walker Tape. It has a hold time of over four weeks, but could last up to six weeks depending on factors such as temperature, humidity and the wearer's body chemistry. It does require more skill to apply considering how tacky it can be which is why it is recommended for professionals.

Note: The last four glues mentioned above can be used for a lace system, but should not be applied on the lace. Instead, they should be applied on your scalp. You can apply either a scalp protector or skin shield on the scalp before applying the glue to protect the skin. You can also use a knot sealer to add that extra durability on the lace.


Hold Time: 4-6 weeks


The Hard Bond Sure-Stick is a great choice for strong bonding with your hair system. With a hold of 4-6 weeks, this glue was developed for long storage life with approximately 20-25 applications in its 1.1 oz size. It can also bond hair stubble to your hair unit.

With that said, it is only recommended for professionals or licensed hair technicians.

MAX Retouch

Hold Time: 2-4 weeks

The Retouch by MAX is a super strong waterproof gel adhesive that is ideal for extended wear from two to four weeks. It can be used for full-head or perimeter bonding, and is ideal for touch-ups and small adjustments in case you need to fix your hair system. However, it is also recommended for professionals only.

Glues that can be used on poly and lace hair systems

PPI Adhesive

Hold Time: 1-2 weeks

PPI Adhesive

Superhairpieces offers the PPI Sigma and Aqua Bond Lace Adhesives. These are acrylic-based adhesives that are strong, comfortable and easy to use with both lace and poly systems. They are particularly ideal for beginners and can last one to two weeks depending on the wearer.

Safe Grip (Recommended)

Hold Time: 2-3 weeks

Certain adhesives like the Safe Grip glue work on lace material as well as poly. This is a waterproof adhesive with a water base that is easy to clean up. It dries clear and can last 2-3 weeks. Superhairpieces stylist Christina Lu particularly prefers to use it on skin base systems, partly because of the easy cleanup process.

“With skin base systems, I would use any kind of white glue: Safe Grip or Ghost Bond liquid. Safe Grip dries quickly, it's white but it's clear once cured. Once it breaks down, it doesn't get as gummy as Ultra Hold or Mity Tite Glue. When people wear the systems, it doesn't just melt through and get stuck in the hair. It just kind of balls up which is easier to clean up.”

Ghost Bond Classic (Recommended)

Hold Time: 2-6 weeks

Christina also mentioned Ghost Bond glue which is one of the most popular glues on the hair system market today. The regular Ghost Bond can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks, but this really depends on the weather conditions and body chemistry of the wearer. Some of its features include invisible bonding, easy clean up, built-in heat, humidity and sweat busters. It is ideal for oily scalps, high humidity or those who deal with heavy perspiration.

It is also the preferred choice of another Superhairpieces stylist in Teresa Chu, especially when it comes to lace hair systems. “I prefer Ghost Bond because when you apply it on the skin and put the lace on top, it looks so realistic, it's very realistic,” she said. “You don't see the glue, you only see your skin and your hair. But when you have the different systems like the M104, at the back, you have to use Ultra Hold glue. It's a different type of material so you use a different type of glue.”

Ghost Bond Phantom

There's also the Ghost Bond Glue Phantom which is similar to the Classic in almost every way but comes with added moisture control. However, it can turn somewhat yellow after a while depending on whether the wearer has oily skin or if the hair system is exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Ghost Bond XL

Lastly, the Ghost Bond XL provides even greater moisture control than the regular Ghost Bond. That makes it even more ideal for those who play sports, are regularly active, perspire a lot or are in a hot or humid climate.

MAX Adhere 360

Hold Time: 3-4 weeks

Adhere 360° by MAX is another liquid adhesive option. It is an extended-wear bonding adhesive that is water-based and latex-free for full head bond attachment for skin grafts as well as lace units to the scalp. With a hold of 3-4 weeks, this glue is also waterproof so it's a great choice for athletes as well as wearers from warmer climates. It is also easy to clean and dries clear for an invisible bond.

MAX Ascend

Hold Time: 1-2 weeks

MAX Ascend

The Ascend by MAX is a super strong dab-on formula. It is designed for extended wear and can last from 1-2 weeks. It has a strong hold that can withstand humid and windy conditions while it is also waterproof and easy to clean.

Davlyn Adhesive

Hold Time: 2-4 weeks

Davlyn Adhesive

Superhairpieces also carries Davlyn adhesives. These are waterproof adhesives that can be used on poly as well as lace toupees and wigs. The regular Davlyn adhesive #57T has a hold of 1-3 weeks and as it is waterproof, it is ideal for sweating, swimming or any other physical activities. It is also irritation-free and safe to use on all skin types.

There is also the Davlyn Lace Adhesive Brush On Green Print which is specifically designed for lace systems, but can work on poly as well. It has a hold of 2-4 weeks and cures in 5-7 minutes.

Telesis 8

Hold Time: 3-4 weeks

Telesis silicone adhesive

The Telesis 8 is the latest addition in the Telesis silicone adhesive line by PPI. It is a strong and durable medical grade adhesive that comes in three formulas including fast drying, slow drying and matte lace. They are ideal for bonding silicone, latex and lace hairpieces and have a strong hold time once cured. They are only recommended for professionals.

Note: Keep in mind that you should never apply glue on the monofilament material. Mono silk hair systems are usually constructed along with lace or poly and just like with tape, only the latter two materials should be used for applying glue.


You should now be aware of what tapes and glues work for a specific kind of hair system. If you're still deciding between tape or glue, you can watch the following video to help you make an informed decision.

However, if you know what bonding method you want to use, you can purchase the best tapes and glues in the hair system industry from Superhairpieces.


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