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What should you consider when purchasing a wig?

What should you consider when purchasing a wig?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jan 11, 2021

When purchasing a women’s wig there are many factors to consider. Such as the durability, how natural looking the wig is, how much density, the materials used (will it cause skin sensitivity issues?) and so much more!

In this article, you will find the most common questions asked under the main factors to consider when purchasing a wig.


How much do wigs typically cost?

At Superhairpieces, wigs can vary in price depending on the hair type, length of hair, and colour of the wig. It ranges from $389USD to $1050USD.

Are they covered under medical insurance?

Depending on your insurance company, some wigs (mainly the medical wigs) can be covered under insurance. You would need to speak to your insurance company to see what can be covered under their plan.

Do you offer any special pricing for those with medical conditions?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any special pricing as we continue to offer the lowest cost with the highest standards of quality in the market. However, we do have a clearance section of wigs that are available at a lower price.


Can I attach and re-attach on my own?

Yes, many of our wigs are designed for the wig wearer to place on themselves with ease.

Is it better to purchase more than one wig?

We always recommend having a backup wig on the off chance your current wig needs to be repaired, or if something happens to it that would make the hair system unavailable to wear.

Do I have to see a stylist at any point once I make a purchase?

We always recommend seeing a professional for any styling concerns, however, it is not mandatory.

Which wigs offer more flexibility in size?

Any wigs with a stretch net backing will provide flexibility in size. There are also a few wig models like the Monica that have adjustable straps at the nape of the neck to tighten or loosen the base. Wigs such as the Coco have an elastic band on the temples to stretch to size.

Do I have to use adhesive on all the wigs?

No, it is not necessary to wear any adhesive at all. The only area of the hair system where you would want to have any adhesive is the front hairline if there is a lace front. If there is no lace front, you may place tape on the poly taping area in wigs such as the Monica to help secure it.

Wigs with silicone have suction power that allows for no adhesive. However, wigs such as a Fiona will require a completely bald head for the suction to be effective.


How long do they last?

This will typically depend on the materials used and the hair type of the wig. Premium hair in our Allure collection will last much longer than our regular quality hair. Bases with mono tops will last much longer than bases that are made with lace.

With premium hair, the hair itself can last up to a year, more if well maintained. For the bases, a mono top wig can last up to a year and lace can last up to 6 months with proper maintenance and care.

What is the difference between premium Chinese hair and regular Chinese hair wigs?

Premium Chinese hair is made to be more durable. Wigs made with premium Chinese hair can be dyed and styled more often than regular Indian or Chinese hair. This is due to the fact our premium Chinese hair still has most of its cuticles intact creating a strong barrier against any harsh environments.


Are they all real human hair?

Yes, all our stock wigs are made with real human hair. Either, Premium Chinese hair or Regular Chinese and/or Indian hair.

Can I curl and straighten the hair on my wig?

Yes, just like human hair you can curl, straighten, and style as you please.

Can I colour or dye my wig?

Yes, depending on the hair quality, we only recommend dying the hair system darker for our regular quality hair. If you need to lighten the hair colour, use only premium Chinese hair. Otherwise, the quality of the hair goes down during every chemical process.

Can my wig be cut down in size?

Depending on the model, some wigs have the option to cut to size. These models would be Selena, Coco & Hollywood.

Can I cut the hair on the wig or does it come already styled?

Depending on the model, some wigs come pre-styled and some you would need to have a cut-in to style it.

Do I need to see a hairstylist at a point after purchase?

We always recommend for first time wearers to consult with a consultant as this may become a costly journey. However, you can go ahead and purchase a wig as you are not required to see a stylist at any point unless you require help.

At Superhairpieces, we strive for quality with affordability. However, we always encourage wearers to do their best to research what’s best for them.

For more information on our women’s wigs, visit our website at Superhairpieces (US & International) or (CAN)


You can also contact us at 1-866-814-7879 or email at to set up your virtual appointment.

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