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What is the Difference Between Yak Hair and Yaki Hair?

What is the Difference Between Yak Hair and Yaki Hair?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Oct 09, 2020

Many clients often get the terms “Yak” and “Yaki” hair confused. Our Superhairpieces consultants are guilty of this too!

So let’s get into depth with what the confusion is all about.

What is Yak Hair?

First thing first, let’s define what “Yak” hair is. Yak hair comes from the actual animal – a Yak (you can find more information on this yak animal). These hairs are long, bushy, shaggy and thick. A Yak animal has so much of this that it makes it a more cost effective choice in the hair replacement industry. HOWEVER, the texture is not anything like human hair. It has a bit of a kink and roughness to it.

Yaks Animals

This photo taken from Toronto Zoo website

What is Yaki Hair?

Now “Yaki” hair, (Yak with an “i”) is an imitation of Yak hair. Which means that you can get real human hair to look like real Yak hair – aka “Yaki”. However, the process to get human hair to be like yak is a lengthy process and does require a lot of chemicals involved; making the hair quality not as great. But, you can really feel the difference between the two. Yaki hair is more soft to the touch than real Yak hair.


So all in all, it really depends on the texture of what you are trying to achieve. Depending on your preferred textures or kink, you can either choose to get Yak or Yaki hair.

Ultimately, the decision lies on you and what your needs are. We recommend you speak with hair professionals to make the best decision for your hair.


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