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What is Processed Hair?

What is Processed Hair?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Nov 26, 2020

In the early days of hair replacement, virgin human hair was the main source used. It was cut from a donor, then vented or sewn directly into a base of a fabric. Since virgin hair contains all its cuticles, if the hair was not carefully sewn in the same direction, the cuticles would open up in the opposite way. This would cause the hair to stick like Velcro creating unwanted friction and matting. This is an indication that the hair is not made to be "Remy". Remy hair is when all the hairs are sewn in the same direction.

To avoid this issue with virgin hair, the "processing" of Human hair was developed to create a smooth texture in the hair shaft. This process would entail stripping the cuticles off. Currently, the most common human hair processed is Indian, Indonesian, and Chinese hair. European may also be used but in very limited quantities.

Only Indian, Chinese, and European hairs are used at Superhairpieces.

How the hair is processed is done in a long period of time and goes through many stages.

Which is summarized below:

  • In batches, the hair is placed into a solution of acid, stirred gently to allow the liquid to coat all of the hair evenly and after some time the solution penetrates into the shaft causing the cuticles to open and dissolve (This may take weeks).
  • The technician must test the hair frequently to see its progress as every strand will react to the solution differently.
  • Once the process is determined to be complete, the hair is removed from the solution, washed well, and neutralized. This completes the refining process.
  • After the refining process, the hair is washed well again to remove the dissolved cuticles from the hair shafts. This is to prepare for the removal of color.
  • To remove the current color, the hair is dipped into a bleach solution.
  • Once the desired amount of color is removed, the re-coloring process starts based on the Superhairpieces' color swatches or matching of custom colors. Perming the hair will be done after the re-coloring is complete.
  • The hair is then rejuvenated with treatment to protect against any further damage to the hair.

As you can see, there are many stages to processing human hair to be smooth and corrected to fit a client's needs. Every hair will react differently throughout the stages, including any chemical processes done after the hair system has been made. Keep in mind, what you do to the hair in the salon or at home will shorten its lifespan. The hair may or may not act in the same way you would expect virgin or growing hair out of your head to react.

Superhairpieces only use Indian, Chinese and European hair. The process above is used to process Regular Indian & Chinese Remy hair. However, at Superhairpieces our Premium Remy and European hair are processed differently to keep the quality of the cuticles intact and it’s what sets us apart from our competitors!

Need more information? visit our website at (US & International) or (CAN)

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