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The Cost of Human Hair Systems for Individual Users Per Year

The Cost of Human Hair Systems for Individual Users Per Year

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jul 04, 2023

Hair loss can be a challenging and distressing experience for any individual, impacting their confidence, mental health, self-esteem, and overall well-being. Fortunately, hair systems offer a viable solution for individuals facing permanent hair loss and seeking to enhance their appearance by restoring a full head of natural-looking hair.

Understanding Hair Systems

A hair system for men, also known as a hairpiece or wig, comes in 2 types - toupees and wigs. They are non-surgical solutions designed to mimic natural hair by providing a realistically seamless look. Hair systems typically consist of a base material and hair strands and must be used with supplies like wig tape and/or glue that secure the system to the scalp. Superhairpieces provide customizable, natural-looking hair systems that blend seamlessly with the wearer's existing hair.

If you are considering using a men’s hair system, there are certain things that you need to understand:

  • These non-surgical hair replacement systems must be attached to a bald crown area or scalp. This means you must shave whatever little hair you have in that area.
  • No hairpiece is going to last forever. This makes using a men’s hairpiece such as toupees and wigs a more or less permanent way of life where you must keep purchasing new hair units to maintain your younger appearance.
  • Considering the financial aspect when opting for a hair system is essential.

However, you need not be overwhelmed. We at Superhairpieces believe that there is a hairpiece for everyone. That is why we have hair systems for men that cater to every budget. With high-quality hair systems, we offer a wide range of options to suit various needs and preferences.

Several factors influence the cost of hair systems. Prices can vary based on individual preferences, customization options, and the specific features of the chosen hair system.

These are some key factors that influence the price of a hair system:

Type of hair

type of hair

A 100% Remy human hair system is extremely natural looking as it is made from good quality real hair that is not so easy to source, which eventually raises the price of the hairpiece. They are more versatile and durable than synthetic hair systems. In contrast, synthetic hair is a more affordable alternative as they are readily available fibres but may have limitations regarding styling options.

Human hair comes in different types, too - Indian Remy hair, Chinese hair, and European hair. The price of the hair system will differ based on the type of human hair used (European hair being the most expensive)

Base Material

base material

Hair systems come with different base materials like lace, skin, or monofilament. Each material offers unique characteristics and pricing. Lace hair systems are breathable and undetectable, thin skin hair systems are natural looking and easy to attach & remove, while monofilament systems offer durability and breathability.

The choice of base material contributes to the overall cost. How, you ask? Consider purchasing an ultra-thin skin base system; it will last you for roughly a month or a little more (even 3 months if maintained well). This means you will need to purchase more hair systems yearly, whereas, for monofilament hair systems, you may need to purchase one every 3-4 months or more.

Base Size

base size

Hairpieces for men come in different base sizes - toupees, full cap wigs, and frontal hairpieces. So, the cost of the unit will depend on the size of the hair system purchased. Even for toupees, there is a slight difference in pricing based on the size of the base.


At Superhairpieces, we have several different qualities of hair systems to cater to different budgets. The model can be basic, regular, or pro series, affecting the total cost of the hairpiece and the quality of the system and hair.



Ventilation refers to how each hair strand is attached to the hair system. Some processes, like the injected silk ventilation and v-loop ventilation, are much more labour-intensive and natural looking, thereby making the hair system costlier than the hair units with single and double-knotted ventilation.


Superhairpieces offers customization options to ensure a perfect fit and natural look. Customizing the hairline, hair density, colour, and texture may add to the overall cost of the system.

Grey Percentage

grey percentage hair

Superhairpieces has the most flexible grey hair percentage options, allowing our customers to choose how much grey hair they want attached to their men’s hair system. This, in turn, affects the cost of the system, specifically when it is human hair gray being used.

Considering the above factors, here is a comprehensive analysis of the cost of hair systems for individual users per year:

comprehensive analysis of the cost of hair systems

Initial Investment: The initial investment is the first cost to consider when getting a hair system. This includes the price of the hairpiece itself, which can vary depending on the abovementioned factors.

On average, a high-quality human hair system at Superhairpieces comes at an unbeatable price ranging from approximately USD $179 to $369 or more. Higher-end custom-made systems may exceed this price range. Remember that higher-quality systems tend to have a longer lifespan and provide a more natural appearance.

Installation and Maintenance: Once you have the hair system, it's essential to factor in the costs associated with its installation and ongoing maintenance. While some individuals prefer to install the system themselves, seeking professional help from a hair replacement salon or a skilled hair system stylist is recommended.

The installation cost at Superhairpieces, Canada, is $140. Installation includes shaving and cleaning the required scalp area, attaching your new system, washing the hair and cutting it to blend effortlessly with your natural hair.

Maintenance costs include regular visits to the stylist for adjustments, cleaning, and reattachment. These appointments typically occur every four to six weeks and cost $100 at our salon per visit.

Additionally, you may need to purchase specialized hair care products specifically designed for your hair systems, such as shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, solvents, and adhesives. According to your usage and the information we get from salons, these products can amount to an additional $40 to $60 every 2 months. These ongoing costs should be factored into the overall yearly expense.

Proper maintenance and care significantly affect the longevity of a hair system for the better.

Replacement and Repair: Hair systems have a limited lifespan due to wear and tear. While the exact duration varies depending on maintenance, quality, and usage, most hair systems last between three and six months.

At some point, you will need to replace the hairpiece entirely, which incurs an additional cost similar to the initial investment.

In case of damage or minor repairs, you can get the hair system repaired instead of replacing it entirely. The cost of repairs can vary based on the extent of the damage and the complexity of the repair required. Expect to pay around USD $40 to $115 for repairs, but note that not all damages are repairable, and sometimes replacement is the only option.

Accessories and Styling: To maintain a natural and stylish appearance with your hair system, you should invest in accessories such as combs, brushes, styling products, and hair sprays. These costs can vary depending on personal preferences and the products you choose. You can expect to spend an additional $50 to $100 annually on these accessories.

To give you a better perspective, here is a breakdown of the expenses, calculating the cost per user per year, taking an example of one of our hair systems:

M108 Basic is USD $209. You might need 1 unit every 4 months, so 3 units per year make it $627

Installation service: USD $140 for a new unit, which is approximately USD $420 yearly (depending on where you go for service. Usually $80-$200)

Maintenance service: DIY at home. Otherwise, salon maintenance will be about USD $300 each year.

Supplies: Wig Tape, wig glue, solvent, shampoo, leave-in conditioner, etc., will be anywhere between $200-$300 annually (Usually, the salon will use their own supplies when clients come for installation or maintenance)

So that totals up to around $1650 per year (the cost of a single hairpiece from some other companies)

We hope this helps you make an informed decision so that you don't think twice before investing in a hair system at Superhairpieces. Hair systems can significantly enhance one's looks and overall self-confidence, making it a valuable consideration for individuals experiencing hair loss.

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